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Is Ayurvedic Medicine Safe

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If the safety of Ayurvedic medicines in question, then the answer is YES, it is completely safe. Ayurvedic medicines have long been a part of the culture in India, an Asian nation with scriptures and stories galore about this way of life. It is a tried and tested way of administering natural herbs and balancing energy levels in people.


As for the credibility of ayurvedic medicines, the WHO has recognized it as a valid and fully safe medical stream. Since all the elements used in ayurvedic medicines are natural, there are no side-effects and it is most effective too. The International Society for Ayurveda and Health has scientifically researched the doses and composition making it one of the safest ways to better health.

One must keep in mind that Ayurveda is a holistic way of life, it comprises of Ayurvedic Medicines, Diet, Yoga (Certain posture based exercises) and a proper guidance on lifestyle changes. This has been the primary health care system in India for ages together.

The question, of which ayurvedic medicine suits who, is very individualistic. The age, lifestyle and goals of the patient are very important to decipher the kind of Ayurvedic medicine. The concept behind using Ayurvedic medicine, basically, is to achieve balance. The focus in Ayurveda is to achieve this balance between the Doshas and the natural harmony of the person’s organism. There are three Doshas that are worked upon.

So, the belief in the administration of ayurvedic medicines is in no way to add any new or foreign substance into your body but to balance and bring about a harmony between your lacunae due to your lifestyle, age or practices, and the natural being of the self. The idea behind Ayurveda is not to suppress any disease symptoms. The curing and suppressing are a direct consequence of the balance as mentioned earlier. A few Remedies you might want to see are:

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9. Ayurvedic Cures for Skin                     10. Ayurveda for Acidity

Since, the ayurvedic medicine is not disease specific but ‘factor’ specific, it attempts to rid you of the root of the problem rather than just blindfold the illness. ‘Panch-karma’ an ancient ayurvedic practice that is undertaken to cleanse and detox the body at the cellular level is the only practice that had been advised against for pregnant ladies and frail patients.

Apart from the one exception, Ayurvedic medicines give us no reason to feel scared or worrisome about their use. In fact, research shows that ayurvedic medicine can be used safely with Western Allopathic medicine also. Suppress all you want with the allopathic medicine but strengthen your system with Ayurveda practices.

It is a noticeable trend that nowadays, kitchen Pharmacy or natural remedies are ruling the roost. All of this is an off shoot practice of Ayurveda itself!

Like any other medical dose, an ayurvedic medicine will be unsafe only if administered by an unqualified practitioner. Now, this is something that is for you to check. But otherwise, there is absolutely nothing unsafe about ayurvedic medicine.


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Is Ayurvedic Medicine Safe