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Top 10 Medicinal herbs

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My 5 year old cousin asked me the other day whether Crocin helped the kings and queens, and well, I had to divulge about the magical healing herbs and the medicinal herbs obviously. But sometimes, children ask the wisest questions. Looking back into time, we do realize that there was a time when medicinal herbs known with no side effects were the best thing to happen to the human race.

In the recent times, with the lifestyles going for a toss, and our bodies giving up after the slightest exertions, everyone is turning to nature and its healing herbs to get back on their feet again. A few of the most popular medicinal herbs known today are:

  1. Aloe- The uses of this one herb are plentiful. It is literally called the Skin elixir as it helps to soothe skin wounds, burns, insect allergies and even acne.
  2. Calendula- This medicinal herb is not only has the prettiest flower as its face, but eases all the stress that you may be carrying on those delicate shoulders. The Calendula extract is an excellent healing herb, when you used as soothing face wash or even allergies.
  3. Burdock- This medicinal herb is an all-round healer. From the root which when boiled, is a miraculous blood purifier, to the leaf which works as a poultice to draw infections, to the seeds which can be processed to help with myriad problems from dandruff to kidney disorders!
  4. Chamomile- This healing herb goes a long way to ensure a healthy heart with no blood pressure problems. It helps to thin the blood, reducing the chances of high blood pressure.
  5.  Arnica- One of the magical herbs that gets you stand upright is Arnica, which helps those joints with Rheumatism, Gout and low fever also.
  6. Basil- This has been my best kitchen mate forever, with its medicinal properties, it comes in very handy when it comes to sickness like vomiting, stomach indigestion, constipation, Anxiety and stomach cramps.
  7. Bay Leaf- This medicinal herb adds spice to that Indian Rice dish but adds calmness to your sleep. It is very useful when it comes to sleep disorders, Flatulence, and tummy upsets.
  8. Dill Seed- Being the kind who always has a bout of cold and cough, this healing herb really helps with breast congestion. Bone loss and colic disorders can also be cured by these herbs.
  9. Ginseng- This healing herb works up those adrenal glands so that your emotional stress can be kicked out.
  10. Lemon Balm-Lemon Balm can help significantly in the treatment of cold sores and combat the herpes simplex virus. Added to bath it relieves muscle tension and soothes irritated skin. The oil is often added to skin preparations and perfumes.

But this is not the end of the list, if you want check out these also, Catnip and others.

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Top 10 Medicinal Herbs