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Natural Remedies For Ulcers

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Stomach ulcers are tiny lesions that are formed in the lining of the stomach, leading to painful stomach aches and pains. Ulcers can happen in adults or children. Some people are more susceptible than others and are very sensitive to the kind of food intake. The resulting ulcers if left unattended can lead to debilitating aches and pains.

Acids in the stomach cause the erosion of the mucosal lining. This is made worse by genetic predisposition, excess acid circulation and stress. Chronic usage of aspirin and cigarette smoking can also lead to ulcers. The pain occurs at the breastbone and may cause a feeling of discomfort and lack of sleep. There are several natural remedies for stomach ulcers that one can follow to reduce the symptoms.

Improved Intake Of fruits and Vegetables: Increasing healthy food intake becomes necessary but make sure you are able to digest what you eat.

Limit food that Activates Ulcers: Avoid coffee, spicy foods, tobacco, cigarette smoking and any acid creating foods.

Eating Bananas and Drinking Buttermilk or Yoghurt: Bananas are said to neutralize the stomach acids.

Fenugreek Seeds in Water: Boil a glass of water and add a tsp of fenugreek seeds to it. Drink this to find relief. The fenugreek seeds have a mucilaginous texture and will leave a coating on the stomach.

Eating on Time: There’s a reason grandma always said eat on time. Leaving the stomach empty leaves the acid not much choice other than chewing into the lining. Give them something to act on to avoid acidity and ulcers.

Reduce Stress: People having a stressful job or life usually end up having ulcers which will worsen as it progresses. It is best to avoid stress and turn to holistic approaches as natural remedy for ulcers.

Yoga and Meditation: Yoga calms the mind and balances the body. Yoga and meditation, sure winners for removing stress from everyday life, which in turn keeps your stomach happy. Daily exercise regimen and a walk outside should help to steady oneself before taking on the job and life everyday.

Drinking Almond Milk: A home remedy almond milk is supposed to be good since it reduces the acidity

Cabbage extract, cold milk, woodapple extract and several more such wonderful home remedy exists passed on by grandmothers and doctors alike, which are used by patients regularly. So remember that natural remedies for stomach ulcers are available at home. Taking care of our diet and making lifestyle changes will help a lot.

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Natural Remedies For Ulcers