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Top 5 Natural Remedies For Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay is mainly caused by bad eating habits, bad diet and often inadequate care. Tooth decay begins with the erosion of enamel, followed by infection and decay. This decay spreads down into the roots. Candy, chocolates, aerated drinks and sweet products can accelerate the decay of teeth.

Brushing and flossing of teeth can prevent tooth decay to a large extent. Once the decay begins it is almost impossible to reverse it but the process can be arrested so that in the future tooth decay does not occur. Simple home remedies have been found to be useful in preventing decay  and improving dental health.


Some Natural Remedies for Tooth Decay


  1. Garlic – garlic is considered to be the best natural remedy for dental health. A clove of garlic mixed with a pinch of salt can relieve tooth pain and prevent further decay of teeth. A clove of garlic eaten raw every morning can keep the dentists away!

  2. Clove oil – this can be bought over the counter and is granny's best natural remedy for tooth decay. A small ball of cotton dipped in clove oil placed on decaying tooth can help reduce pain and decay.

  3. Salt Water – rinsing mouth with salt water is highly recommended for keeping mouth free from disease-causing bacteria. 

  4. Onions – onions are believed to have antibacterial and anti-viral properties. Chewing a piece of onion carefully and slowly for over 4 to 5 minutes will aid in tooth pain relief and helps get rid of bacteria.

  5. Lime – vitamin C rich lime is a great pain reliever. Lime rinses of the mouth help in preventing the deterioration of dental health. Bleeding gums, loss of teeth etc also can find relief with lime.


Dental health is very important and it is always better to consult your dentist every six months to get your teeth checked. Some dental updates from a dentist:



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Use all natural remedies after consulting your dentist. After all prevention is always better than cure.




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Top 5 Natural Remedies For Tooth Decay