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Brussel Sprouts Recipe Ideas For Kids

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Brussel sprouts are great sources of various useful antioxidants, however many people do not like the smell of these leafy green buds, particularly the kids. Here are some delicious Brussel sprouts recipe ideas for kids, which you might try out at your kitchen. I think, your kids are going to love these Brussel sprouts recipes, as they are quite unique and attractive.


Brussel Sprouts recipe ideas for kids

1.       Baked Brussel Sprouts and Apple – This can be one of the perfect recipe ideas for kids, as it tastes really great. In a baking dish, mix the Brussel sprouts with diced apples, apple cider and olive oil. Sprinkle thyme, salt and pepper to add flavor and taste. Now bake this in preheated oven until the sprouts get soft and tender.


2.       Brussel Sprouts Roast – Season the Brussel Sprouts with kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper and olive oil. Mix well and roast them inside the oven until the sprouts turn dark brown or almost black. Adjust the seasoning and serve immediately.


3.       Caramelized Brussel Sprouts – It is another favorite Brussel sprouts recipe for the kids. To prepare this recipe, you have to use steamed Brussel sprouts. Take a heated skillet to caramelize these sprouts using butter, vinegar, onions and sugar. Let the onions 541872-the-delicious-brussel-sprouts-with-orange.jpg1275944243get brown, before adding the sprouts. Season these caramelized Brussel sprouts with salt and pepper. For garnishing you can add roasted pistachios.


4.       Brussel Sprouts with Orange – While searching for delicious recipe ideas for kids, this recipe came into my mind. It is prepared with steamed Brussel sprouts. The Brussel sprouts are cooked in butter for a short while along with peeled orange quarters. Before serving, it is seasoned with salt and pepper.


5.       Spicy and Sugary Brussel Sprouts – Boil the Brussel sprouts to soft and tender. Drain off the excess water. In a small oven safe bowl, add the butter, brown sugar, walnuts, nutmeg, allspice and little bit of salt. Put this inside the oven for few minutes, until the butter is melted and the spices are blended. Pour this mixture on top of the sprouts before serving.


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Brussel Sprouts Recipe Ideas For Kids