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Be Vigilant - Don't Let These Foods Wreck Your Diet

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The best way to wreak your diet regime is to binge and choose the worst foods to have on your diet. Once, you have begun with those morning walks, you MUST learn about the worst foods to have on your diet.

A Few of these ‘evil foods’ that wreak your diet and bring you back to square one are:

  1. Processed Foods- These are worst kinds of meal choice that you can make. Steer clear of all the microwavable foods and those Breakfast Cereal honey puffs. Instead go for Roasted oats with milk and honey.
  2. Fast Foods- The worst food you can consume on a diet are fast foods, gulping down smoothies that are full fat, sugary and heavy is the last thing you should do. Stay away from Starbucks Frappuccino’s Chocolaty trap and remember no cream is good cream. You don’t want have whipped cream ‘cause that is a sure shot food to wreck your diet.
  3. Deep Fried Foods- These are the worst foods to have on a diet, they are in fact the worst that you can have even if you are not on a diet! Steer clear of those jumbo Pretzel dogs, the crispy onion jalapenos stacks. Of course, those Potato chips aren’t any better. Fried potato is not the same as a baked one- Golden Rule.
  4. Polysaturated and animal Fats- If you think the chicken wings are tiny and they wouldn’t matter, think again. Fried chicken wings, Grilled shrimp Caprese and even Salads like Chicken with honey mustard flat breads are known to wreak the best diets by ensuring binging that does not stop easily. Opt for baked poultry products and choose lighter and less creamy salad dressings.
  5. White Flour- It is not nutritive and can only lead to useless calories, shun away the white bread, opt for whole wheat or brown breads.
  6. White Sugar- Again, a food that can wreak your diet, instead of white sugar look for natural ways to sweeten your food.
  7. Mayonnaise- If it has to be a dip, try full tomato salsa or even skimmed milk and tofu blended together, but avoid this, since it is the worst food to have on your diet.
  8. Caffeinated Drinks- By far, this can wreak your diet, and you wouldn’t know it too! Even the Diet sodas are harmful and add up calories to your diet. Instead go for unsweetened natural juices, Lime juices are the best.
  9. Full Fat milk- Milk in itself is a complete food, yet you would not want to add that amount of cream to your diet and wreak it! Opt for skimmed milk and drink your way to a healthier you!
  10. Power bars and granola bars- They seem to be synonymous with health but contain a lot of sugar which will undoubtedly wreak your diet.
  11. Tarts, Muffins, cakes and puddings- This goes without saying, this are the yummiest yet the worst foods to have on a diet.

It is ironical, that all my favorite foods are placed in the list above, but maybe that is the reason I always have weight to throw around! :P 

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Be Vigilant - Don't Let These Foods Wreck Your Diet