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Budget Eating For A Healthy Weight Loss

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Make Budget Eating for a Healthy Weight Loss your new motto. It is not a diet but a lifestyle change that will ensure a healthy and long term weight loss.


Shopping today to make meals for our self and our family can be a difficult task. Celeb-diets are not meant for all. Neither can everyone afford a gym membership or spare time to prepare fancy diet foods. If you want to reduce your food bill and your waistline, by eating healthier, all you need to do is replenish the stocks in your kitchen. Eating on a budget for a healthy weight loss is the best way to get healthy.

Here are some budget eating tips;

  • Start planning your meals –on a weekly basis. Think of  7 different, low calorie yet tasty and nutritious dinners you could cook in the week. I always substitute the fatty and expensive ingredients with low fat and cheaper options. Once you plan your meals, you will not only know what you will be cooking but also know how much money you need to set aside for your weekly shopping. I always make extra portions so that I can modify the dishes and make a quick lunch as well. Save money and time!
  • Budget Shopping for budget eating – Once you have planned your meals, shopping will be so much easier. Prepare a shopping list based on your weekly menu and the food stocks already available in your kitchen. I always go to the farmer’s market where I not only get fresh produce; I also get everything cheaper than I get at the supermarket. If you don’t have a local bazaar close by, go to a supermarket which offer’s great deals. Going to a local bazaar will prevent you from buying packaged and processed food which is cheap but junk!
  • Incorporate foods which are cheap and healthy in your shopping list – Eating on a budget, for healthy weight loss means that you will have to forget all those canned, processed, quick foods. I would suggest you spend more time in the fruit, vegetable, dairy and meat section of your supermarket.
  • Substitute processed, white foods for fresh and unprocessed foods. Instead of buying ice-creams and cookies, buy fresh fruits and nuts and make smoothies and shakes or home made cookies with oats and whole wheat flour. The best way to save money and eat healthy is to cut down on the amount spent on alcohol and “Junk Food”.
  • Limit Dining Out and make fancy meals at home instead – The best way of budget eating is eating at home. Prepare fancy and healthy meals at home. Get creative and make foods which your family likes so that you don’t have to spend on high fat, high calorie food which cost you both on your wallet and yourhealth. You can try making casseroles, hot pots, quick sandwiches and rolls which are great family dinners as well as save you preparation and cleaning time.


Eating on a budget, for a healthy weight loss is really simple and can be fun too. There are  several recipes available online, which are easy to follow and incorporate cheap and healthy foods. Once you start cooking and eating healthy, you will never want to go back to junk and processed food again because you will not only lose weight, you will save a whole lot of money. You can spend that money on buying a new wardrobe instead!


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Budget Eating For A Healthy Weight Loss