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A Course In Weight Loss - Connecting Spirituality And Weight Loss

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A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever, a book by Marianne Williamson and Dr. Dean Ornish connects spirituality and weight loss. The 21 lessons address the various issues involved with weight loss. From spiritual to emotional to psychological, all aspects are dealt remarkably by the author.

A course in weight loss is specially written for people who face many hindrances in their way when it comes to losing weight. The book is not just about the diet to be followed, it wants its readers to introspect and lose weight by improving themselves.

This book makes a perfect read as it talks about overeating, chaotic patterns of thoughts related to eating and getting a perfect body image. The book encourages its readers to do watchful eating and also tells them that what to eat is a personal choice as no food is ever forbidden.

This Marianne Williamson book talks about childhood experiences we form some disordered arrays towards food. To get clarity about such behaviors, the book “A Course In Weight Loss” contains a set of exercises and assignments for the readers that will help them analyze the reasons for their disturbed eating patterns.

The preface of A Course In Weight Loss is written by Dr. Dean Ornish who shares diet specific information with the readers. Also, issues related to food addiction and diet failure are also discussed by Dr. Ornish.

"Your path to weight loss is a path to the highest expression of who you are. This makes the journey a spiritual quest." says the author Marianne Williamson, in this book. The book encourages its readers to meditate and maintain a journal.

The book may not suit to those who are looking for a quick weight loss; the read is more for who want to assess their mind, heart and spirit along with achieving weight loss.


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A Course In Weight Loss - Connecting Spirituality And Weight Loss