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Top 10 Unhealthy Desserts

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Desserts are an integral part of any meal. The listed top 10 unhealthydesserts should help you pick a healthier option while reaching for that dessert the next time around!

Unhealthy Desserts to Refrain From

  1. Chocolate Turtle Empanadas – the dessert can help you consume 1,280 calories, 130g of carbohydrates and a fat content of 81g.

  2. Red Robin's Mountain High Mudd Pie – there are 1,350 calories, over 200g of carbohydrates in this dessert with an alluring name.

  3. Cinnabon Caramel Pecanbons – the rolls are sweet and gives you 1,100 calories, 56g of fat and 41g of carbohydrates. You would really need to workout extra hours to get rid of this unhealthy dessert.

  4. Jamba Juice's Peanut Butter Moo'd shake – this is one of the unhealthy desserts that should be avoided or at least split into two meals what with 1,170 calories. Steer clear!

  5. Baskin Robbins' Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae – at 1,250 calories, this is an unhealthy dessert that can be put off. You would need to sweat it out with 108g of carbohydrates and 81g of fat.

  6. Chili's Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie – calories you take in with this unhealthy dessert is 1,590 of which 220g are of carbohydrates. If you are planning to get into those skinny jeans, skip this!

  7. Romano Macaroni Grill's New York Cheesecake with Caramel Fudge Sauce – 1,650 calories, 98g of fat, 160g of carbohydrates and over 900 milligrams of sodium, this is one of the worst unhealthy desserts.

  8. Denny's Banana Split – this banana split can be given the skip since it has almost 900 calories. Even though bananas are healthy, the dish is definitely one of the unhealthy desserts that should be avoided.

  9. Ruby Tuesday's Brownie – this dessert terror has over 1000 calories and almost 43g of fat not to mention the 138g of carbohydrates.

  10. Cheesecake Factory Carrot Cake – there is nothing healthy about this unhealthy dessert. Rather this is one of the most unhealthy with over 1,500 calories.


Remember that you are what you eat. Bon appetite!




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Top 10 Unhealthy Desserts