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Discover The Health Benefits Of Eating Purple Carrots

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Until now you might have chomped orange carrots in many dishes, now why don't you try to discover the health benefits of eating purple carrots? We all tend to be charmed with colors of vegetables and go for them purely due to their face values. But there are certain produces whose benefits may go beyond being just an easy food option. We all are familiar of the health benefits offered by orange carrots, but purple carrots have much more to give.


Eating purple carrots can make you richer with health because they pack more antioxidants than their orange cousins. The purple carrots contain more anticarcinogens and beta- carotenes than the orange colored carrots. The anticarcinogens help in curbing the risk of cancer and equip the body to fight against degenerative diseases. The anticarcinogens work by boosting the body's natural defense and blocking the effects of oxidation. The anticarcinogenic properties of carrot seed oil are well-known, as they are known to cure cancers of throat, liver, stomach, prostate and kidneys.


The benefits of eating purple carrots are myriad. If you are eating purple carrots, then you are equipping your body with the power to fight against microbial, viral infections and allergic reactions. Purple carrots also pack in phytochemicals such as polyacetylenes, carotenoids, isocoumarins, sesquiterpenes and phenolics.


Purple carrots are rich in vitamin A and they help to improve the heart health by preventing clogging of arteries and preventing strokes.The purple carrots are also rich in vitamin B, C, E, and calcium pectate and fibers which help in striking down the cholesterol levels. Another great thing is that by eating purple carrots you tend to save yourselves from macular degeneration.


There are myriad of health benefits of eating cooked purple carrots. Till day we have heard that the vegetables lose their health benefits after cooking, but the health benefits of purple carrots get more accentuated after cooking. The cooked purple carrots are richer in vitamin A, potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium and folic acid. By eating the purple carrots (which are cooked without slicing), you tend to increase your cancer protective power by atleast 25%. The antioxidant levels of purple carrots can be increased by steaming or boiling them.


The health benefits of eating purple carrots does not end here. By eating purple carrots you also tend to enhance your outer beauty. The chemicals in purple carrots are known for their role in nourishing hair, nails and skin. Also, the purple carrots are recommended  for nursing mothers because they enhance the quality of breast milk. Purple carrots are a rich source of calcium, which can be easily digested by our bodies.The roots of carrots were used since ancient times to treat various digestive problems.


The scientists from the University of Queensland proved that by eating purple carrots regularly you tend to lower blood pressure, stabilize your blood sugar and equip yourself with the power to fight against heart and liver ailments.


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Discover The Health Benefits Of Eating Purple Carrots