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Top 10 Unhealthy Snacks

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Here are top 10 unhealthy snacks which are to be avoided.


One of the alarming issues faced by most parents is that of obesity amongst their children. Such kids are at risk of diabetes and heart diseases. There are many factors which contribute to this lifestyle disorder. Apart from the inactive lifestyle of the kid, what causes obesity is the eating habit amongst children.


Chicken Nuggets: Just because it has chicken, it doesn't mean nuggets are healthy. They are the worst form of snacks as they deep fried and contains trans fat which contributes to cancer, heart diseases and obesity.


Potato Chips: When it comes to potato chips, most kids just love its crunchiness. Studies have proved that eating large portions of this is bad for health as it has excess salt and is made by deep frying, which means it is high in oil and fat. Too much salt intake can lead to hypertension and water retention.


Candy: Candy also contains fat and sugar, and it a snack that can be avoided. It is rather easy to get addicted to the sweet taste of the candy, but one has to remember that it is an addiction that might get the better of you.


Whole Milk: Though milk and cookies have been considered as after school meals for children, research has now found out that this can cause childhood obesity. Children need calcium and vitamins, but whole milk contains more of saturated fat which leads to obesity.


Cookies: Cookies on the other hand have loads of trans fat and sugar, making it an unhealthy treat. Some cookies are made with hydrogenated vegetable oil and shortening, and these contain some of the most unhealthy ingredients.


Soft Drinks: Soft drinks are high in calories. A small serving can have as much as 150 calories, and even children who eat healthy meals can be effected by drinking a single soft drink, as it contains soda and excess sugar.


Cereal: Cereals which are made keeping children in mind have high sugar content along with refined carbohydrates. An article in the "USA Today," has pointed out that cereals that are made for children contains 65 percent more sugar than cereals made for adults.


Baked Goods: We all love baked items like pastries, muffins and donuts. What most of us do not acknowledge is the presence of trans fat and sugars along with white flour – all of which leads to the childhood obesity problem. Food items that are made from refined carbohydrates and sugar taste really good, but as they are not filling it leads to over-consumption.


Sandwich Crackers: Most parents consider cheese and peanut butter, which are a part of the sandwich cracker healthy. But this is one of the most unhealthy snack food, as a single pack contains as much as 200 calories.


Ice Cream: If you want to add a lot of calories to your meal in the name of taste, then go in for ice creams or frozen desserts. This whole milk dessert has no health benefits, but has high health risks.


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Top 10 Unhealthy Snacks