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Finger Food Ideas For A 9-Month Old

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By the age of 9 months, babies develop fine motor skills whereby they can pick up tiny pieces of food and can eat themselves. Providing finger foods to babies at this stage helps. The little ones not only start holding food by this time, but also start recognizing new tastes and textures.

Letting the child on his own makes the child independent and also inculcates healthy eating habits right from the beginning. Finger foods are ideal at this time as they can be easily broken with the gums and get dissolved in the mouth. However, before you give any finger food to the baby, make sure the food is soft, tastes well, and can be easily gummed.

Here are some finger food ideas for your growing baby-

Fruits and vegetables-

  • Fine sliced Vegetables cooked until soft. For e.g. carrot, potato, cucumber, zucchini
  • Cooked green peas
  • Peeled grated apples and pears
  • Thinly cut bananas
  • Soft fruit wedges of mango and papaya

Cereals, grains and bread-

  • Cooked and mashed rice
  • Bread pieces dipped in milk
  • Waffles
  • Soft small pieces of bread
  • Cooked whole wheat pasta
  • Small pieces of whole wheat cake or carrot cake
  • Small rice cakes
  • Multi grain biscuits

Dairy and protein rich foods-

  • Well-cooked soft dry fruits
  • Small tofu slices
  • Grated cheese
  • Soft cooked dry beans
  • Egg white and yolk (boiled)
  • Mini meat balls

Along with these finger foods, make sure you give a good amount of water  to your baby too. Be very careful with food items. Foods like nuts, candy, popcorn and chips can cause choking hazards. Before, giving any new food to the baby, ask your pediatrician.

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Finger Food Ideas For A 9-Month Old