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Birch Bark Nutrient Prevents Obesity, Diabetes And High Cholesterol

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Birch bark promises good healthWe all know that birch bark has extensive uses in making baskets. But are you aware of the fact that birch bark nutrient promise a better health to you? Recently scientists from the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBC) in China have identified a powerful compound betulin in the birch bark which has a promising effect in preventing obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol. According to Dr. Bao-Liang Song and his colleagues from SIBC betulin is more effective than the statin drug lovastatin in lowering cholesterol.

It has been found in the research that betulin targets the genes responsible for making harmful blood fats like triglycerides. It lowers their activity and thus becomes a protective barrier against many diseases. According to the latest reports, birch bark is abundant in betulin so it has high potential in fighting against the bad fats in the blood.

Dr Bao-Liang Song, who led the study has stated in the research report that betulin responds effectively to insulin. It improves the metabolic function and reduces the incidence of atherosclerosis by preventing the build-up of harmful deposits on the walls of artery.

The current research shows that betulin plays an important role in the processing of cholesterol and it lowers the lipid levels more effectively than lovastatin. It does so by boosting the activity of sterol regulatory element-binding proteins which are responsible for the processing of cholesterol and fatty acids.

The animal study on the effect of betulin showed that it reduces the cholesterol levels, cuts obesity risk and improves insulin sensitivity. In another way we can say that use birch bark nutrient and limit the risk of type 2 diabetes which is generally caused due to aforementioned factors.

Researchers are of the opinion that more studies need to be conducted to know about several other metabolic effects of betulin. They also want to ensure on the safety of taking these nutrients through supplements and are also optimistic in finding even more promising derivatives from the birch bark. Not to forget that birch tree has been a part of herbal remedy for long. It has anti inflammatory uses, effectively aids your digestion and also treats your skin rashes. So we are looking for more, lets hope for the best.

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Birch Bark Nutrient Prevents Obesity, Diabetes And High Cholesterol