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Jelly Beans Can Make You Thin!

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When the whole world is talking about the harmful affects of eating sweets, some celebrities are eating nothing but sweets because they believe that Jelly Beans Can Make You Thin!

The Sweetie Diet:

The Sweetie Diet is an American concept that celebrities such as Whitney Port, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have followed. It involves replacing regular meals with a plate of Jelly Bellies, which is only 80 calories. Jelly beans can be replaced by other candies such as Haribo Starmix with only 14 calories per serving and sugar-free licorice with 100 calories.

Celebrities keep low-calorie lollipops in dressing rooms 

According to a fashion insider, celebrities are often found sucking on 35-calorie Atomic Fireballs or lollipops for minutes. Models and celebrities are never so messy in eating and  resist bowls of sweets during photo shoots, but they also munch on such low-calorie sweets to keep their energy levels up. In United Kingdom,  television stars like Amanda Holden and Cheryl Cole keep Percy Pigs and Flying Saucers in their dressing rooms.

What do Nutritionists say?

According to nutritional consultant Ian Marber, young girls are attracted to this kind of diet since it's easier to indulge in candy rather than eating more fruits and vegetables. Although such sweets are often fat-free, they are still pure sugar after all. This initially gives dieters a shot of energy, but can cause mood swings, headaches and irritability when they crash. Third Space nutritionist Carole Symons says that the Sweetie Diet undoubtedly has zero health benefits. It may possibly work in the short term because dieters are eating fewer calories but that may result in rebound weight gain like other crash diets.

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Jelly Beans Can Make You Thin!