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How To Sweeten Food Naturally

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Droolin’ on candies, Smackin’ up on the Gumdrops and the strawberry icing on the cake, it’s always a good time to have a sweet time. But with the concerns for obesity, diabetes, and strokes, everyone is looking for ways to sweeten food naturally. It is not an alternative; it is the way to go!



Mother Nature has dropped in quite a few gifts that are natural ways of sweetening food. Following are some of the most commonly found ways of sweetening food naturally:





  • Honey- When pop music band, The Archies sang, “honey ooh! I love you”, well they said it right! Almost twice as sweet as sugar and yet, without any inducing side-effects, a spoon of honey in that morning lemonade will only add to your curves, not the belly! It is one of the best ways to sweeten food naturally. If its 1 cup of sugar, it’s got to be 3/4th cup of honey. Can you imagine, a sweet wine can be actual honey finery?


  • Maple Syrup- Another way to sweeten food naturally is a latent ingredient; we use to douse our pancakes!! Any guesses? Completely natural syrup; made from the black/red maple tree, no pancake can ever be complete without a nice pour down of the Maple syrup. It is by far the most commonly used alternative out of the many natural ways of sweetening food, but we might have missed out its importance.  You might want to see the recipe for the perfect use of the maple wonder. Available readily at your nearest Grocery store too.




maple syrup

  • Figs and Dates- Ground Dates and Figs are an absolute yummilicious alternative to sweeten your salads, dessert toppings and marmalade jams. They add to a caramel like crunch and sweeten food naturally with perfect taste.


  • Agave Nectar- This Mexican nectar is a blessing for the diabetics who are looking for natural ways to sweeten their food. It is much sweeter than sugar and can be blended into all the bakers’ delights!


  • Molasses- Also known as Brown sugar, this is a healthy trend already catching up with the younger generation who prefer their black coffees with brown sugar. For other ways to use this for healthier cooking is to seep in the browns!


  • Brown Rice Syrup- Save yourself from the trouble of creating a butterscotch flavour from artificial essences, this natural sweetener, adds the zing of butterscotch and doesn’t soak up your puddings damp with dripping sweetness. Just the right amount of sugar satiation to sweeten your food naturally; the amount used is about half of that of white sugar, it’s a perfect flavour maker! 


  • Stevia- Word has it that this sweetie bunch is a healthier and one of the most natural ways of sweetening food. While it acts to sweeten food naturally, it is 400 times sweeter than your normal white sugar!! The reason of no mass production? The Obvious threat to the sugar industry!

Now, run up to the kitchen, grab up a toast, pour on some honey and live it up sweet suga’!


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How To Sweeten Food Naturally