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Now You Can Buy Organic Wine, Spirits & Beer

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The world is turning increasingly towards organic food and now even organic drinks to go along! If you have pledged to eat only organic food, Now You Can Buy Organic Wine, Spirits & Beer      too. Organic alcoholic beverages are becoming quite popular of late. These drinks, like any other organic foods have a number of benefits. They are made of organic ingredients such as organic grapes, that are grown without using chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and no synthetic preservatives are added.


Choosing organic beverages mean that the fruits, apples, grapes, hops used to make the fermented drink are spared of herbicides, fungicides and other toxic material. These materials are unhealthy and harm nature as much as they harm you. There’s a growing number of refreshing offerings from the vine, the grain, and the orchard that contribute to restoring the environment, empowering workers, and protecting your health.


According to Andrew Myers, dining room manager at Washington, DC’s Restaurant Nora, America’s first certified organic restaurant, “I recommend organic wines and beers to our customers because of their excellent quality, not just because it’s the right thing to do”. This statement reinstates the facts that not only are organic beer and wine better for the body, but they taste better than their non-organic counterparts.


If you are worrying that opting to drink organic beverages would restrict your choices, then I must tell you that you can enjoy an ever-widening array of sophisticated and tasty beers and wines. The number of microbreweries in the US is rising rapidly and you have a vastly growing selection of beer styles to suit your own individual tastes. The microbreweries are constantly trying out new ideas and make innovative organic beverages. The recent entry in the organic market is the organic spirits, organic vodka and gin. Natural sodas and non-alcoholic ciders are also becoming increasingly popular.


The health benefits of organic alcoholic drinks are tremendous.

  • The use of organic ingredients such as barley, grapes and hops make these drinks natural and chemical free. Hence, the organic alcoholic beverages don’t have many bad effects on the body’s functions.
  • Digestion is important when you are eating or drinking. One of the terrific health benefits or organic foods and drinks is better digestion. Because of lack of chemicals the digestion is enhanced and goes on smoothly.
  • Organic wine and beer have nutritional benefits and body is able to absorb more nutrition from the ingredients because of lack of chemicals. Organic beers contain Vitamin B6 which is good for the body. These beer products also are good sources of flavonoids, which are extremely beneficial for the body.


One way to enjoy the health and lifestyle benefits of wine and beer is to choose organic. A bottle of organic wine or a gift basket of organic beer makes a great gift. Go Organic and to save your health and the planet.

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Now You Can Buy Organic Wine, Spirits & Beer