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Why Isn't More Wine Organic - Ask Yourself

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Organic food and other produces are considered to be healthier by far. However, there seems to be a positive glitch when it comes to organic wine. The laws laid down by the USDA insists on a no sulfite formula in order to mark it as an organic wine, while most of the manufacturers consider sulfite to be an essential preservative of the wine. This problem has resulted in less wine organic as most of them contain sulfites. So why isn't more wine organic? It is now time to ask yourself!


The sulfites not only act as preservatives, but also help to contain the spoilage according to the organic wine manufacturers. The wines are also not consumed directly after manufacture as they need to be weathered over a period of few years unlike other organic products. The less organic wine syndrome can also be attributed to the sulfites that are present naturally within the wines, as it is a naturally occurring by product of the fermentation process.


The dilemma of overcoming the less wine organic problem is too confusing for words. No large producer of wine wants to attempt making an organic wine now, as the regulations make it impossible to adhere to the USDA standards. Wine drinkers are increasingly finding themselves losing out on  eco-friendly organic wines, although a lot of wineries claim their wines to be biodynamic and green. They do so without complying with any set standards for the product.


Paul Dolan, a leading manufacturer of organic grape farming has taken up the issue with other environmentalists now. Removing the ‘no added sulfite’ clause from the USDA regulation would enable many wine producers to come forward with excellent varieties of organic wine which can be produced from grapes that have been grown naturally without the aid of harmful pesticides and chemicals.


Dolan has submitted a petition to the authorities for reconsidering the use of sulfites in organic wine. The Organic Consumers Association of Minnesota seem to be vehemently opposed to the idea though as they have rounded up thousands of supporters against it. They have also urged the USDA’s National Organic Program to turn the petition down.


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Why Isn't More Wine Organic - Ask Yourself