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Why Do We Need Calcium - It Is Good For Us

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We need calcium as it is one of the essential nutrients required by our body. To stay healthier and  live for a longer period, calcium intake is very important. Milk and dairy products are the richest source of calcium. Besides, our body can also get calcium from fish, soya bean products, tofu, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

We need calcium because it is good for us. Here are some of the reasons why we need calcium-

Major component of bones and teeth- Calcium is much needed by bones and teeth. If we overlook this fact, we will deprive ourselves of healthy bones and teeth. Adequate calcium ensures healthy teeth and healthy jawbone.

Essential for growth- Calcium is very important for the growth of children. Calcium also helps in efficient muscle tightening and blood clotting. Two glasses of milk every day is an ideal intake of calcium.


Proper functioning of various organs- Sufficient amount of calcium in our diet make heart, nerves and muscles work properly.

Prevention of osteoporosis- Deficiency of calcium causes osteoporosis. Though the disease majorly affects older people, it is advisable to have sufficient calcium right from the beginning. 

Beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding women- For the growth of baby adequately, calcium is highly recommended to pregnant and breast feeding women.

Helps in maintaining weight- Calcium intake is very helpful in maintaining weight. As per the doctors, if there is a calcium deficiency in the body, the chances of being overweight are more. Adequate calcium helps in maintaining weight.

Helpful in improving premenstrual moods- Calcium is known to suppress the hormones which lead to mood swings before menstruation in females.

Protects against colon cancer - The food rich in calcium, helps to protect from colon cancer. Calcium hinders the growth of polyps that cause this cancer.

Calcium requirements- Our body needs an adequate amount of calcium. However, the requirements differ with age. Here is the calcium requirement of body per day-

For children 1-3 yrs. - 1300 mg calcium a day is needed.

For children and adults 16-25 yrs. - 1600 mg calcium is recommended per day.

For those above – 1200 mg a day is required.

Consumption of more than 2500 mg calcium a day can deteriorate kidney function.

Calcium is beneficial to the body in many ways. Eating food rich in calcium ensures a healthy life for all.


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Why Do We Need Calcium - It Is Good For Us