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What Are The Health Benefits Of Raisins

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What are the health benefits of raisins? We all might have enjoyed raisins without knowing that the dry fruit has immense health benefits. Before knowing its health benefits let’s see what are raisins ?

Raisins are those dried grapes which are sweet to taste and have wrinkly texture. The raisins are normally eaten raw or they are used as a condiment in different types of food preparations. Raisins are often termed as the nature’s candy because they are sweet. The raisins are cholesterol-free and fat-free. They have high fiber and sugars. There are different varieties of raisins- Sultana, zante currants are the commonly known varieties of raisins. Other than that you can see blue, black, purple, green, yellow colored raisins too. One of the potential health benefits of raisin is that it is a quick source of energy.  As raisin is loaded with fructose, this assimilates into our body and gives quick energy. Other potential health benefits of raisins are recounted below.


  • Fever: Fever is not an ailment but a medical sign which is marked by increase in temperature. There are high chances of contracting several bacterial and viral infections during the fever. But raisins are loaded with Phenolic Phytonutrients, which are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. These Phytonutrients help to curb bacterial and viral infections that crop up during the fever.


  • Bone health: Raisins promote bone health which can be projected as one of their potential health benefits. Raisins are good source of Boron and Calcium which is necessary for bone formation.  It is believed that the boron inherent in raisins aid women suffering from osteoporosis. The boron promotes the functioning of joints and eases the tension on them.


  • Weight Gain:  Raisins encourage weight gain which can be one of the purported health benefits of raisin.  Raisins are full of fructose and glucose which helps to gain energy. The raisins are normally recommended to athletes and body builders who wish to gain weight without shooting the cholesterol levels.


  • Anemia: Another highlighted health benefits of Raisins is curbing anemia. Anemia is caused by the lack of iron in blood. Raisins are rich in iron which shoots up iron levels in blood, thereby snubbing anemic symptoms. Raisins are rich in Vitamin- B complex which is essential for the formation of new blood. The copper present in the raisins helps in the production of red blood cells.


  • Dental health: Raisins are rich in Oleanolic Acid, which promotes dental health. This acid protects the teeth from the attack of bacteria that causes decay, cavities, and brittleness of teeth. Also, the raisins are rich in calcium which promotes the dental health and prevents breaking of the teeth or peeling of enamel.


  • Cancer prevention: Raisins are rich in antioxidants called Catechin, which is effective in prevention of cancer and curbs the growth of tumorous cells.   


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What Are The Health Benefits Of Raisins