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Healthy Recipes For Picky Eaters - Get Them To Eat Too

My sentiments were always echoed by the lines of a famous poet - “Eat, eat my child, how thin you are”, but then my daughter would refuse to oblige through persuasion or coercion. Had I not bumped into a few healthy recipes for picky eaters, every meal session with my kid would have spelt doomsday for me – the tussle, the struggle and the ultimate drain-out.

After reading about picky eaters, I finally came to the conclusion that the plane of parenting is seldom at level with that of growing-up. The phase of growing up in children also paves way for the rebellious mode, which underlies the innate sense to assert their individuality. The need of the hour during such troubled times is to bring in variety through what your imagination can conjure up to deliver to the needs of your child. That comes to food as well. Streak of creativity and a palette  of colors and subtle promotion techniques, which very closely delivers to the child’s immediate goal  can dish out healthy recipes with a dash of splendor – that your kid simply can’t say no.

So I am going to share with you a few healthy recipes for the picky eaters:

•    Blueberry and maple-pecan granola parfaits :  Blooming blue with the richness of maple and pecan granola in fat-free vanilla yoghurt will make the home-made parfait a ‘cannot-be-turned-away’ offer.

•    Guacamole chicken wraps- Taco –wraps : Colorful and instilled with a sense of suspense with plum tomatoes, celery leaves, peeled avocado and grilled lemon-herb  chicken-each bite of the taco wrap can unwrap into a delectable, flavorsome surprise for your kid to just keep biting into it!

•    Foods on a stick-  Watermelon and kiwi skewers with starry strawberry cream : When you find your child toying with the spoon and the fork pushing the food to the sides of the plate and the table looking dismal with the spillage, how about trying to engage the ‘lively spirit’ through ‘food-sticks’. You simply plant the luscious kiwifruits alternating with the bite-size watermelons,  and the skewers are served with strawberry cream for a dip-  a calcium-rich, healthy recipe to juice up your child’s hunger.

•    Muffins Miscellany – Oat bran muffins:  The power-packed muffins in a make of whole grains, fruits or even vegetables features as one of the healthy recipe ideas that is fortified with the goodness of whole grains, fiber content and vitamins. Apples, oranges, shredded carrots, flaxseed, cinnamon, oat bran and other ingredients go into making the muffins a ‘health-power’ exponent –even kids love to reach up to it.

•    Layered fruit smoothie : Smoothies are the best way to incorporate fruits in a kid’s diet. With mango, banana, hulled strawberries, honey, lemon juice and lemon zest , the texture and the colorful make are simply tantalizing  to whet your child’s appetite and supply nutrition with calcium and vitamin D. And it wonderfully sails smoothly into your child’s “Give me some more” demand-list.

•    Frittatas with ham and cheese : Egg whites,  cheddar cheese, dried thyme, fresh chives mixed with sautéed onions and ham with the mixture poured into mini-muffin cups and put for baking. You have frittatas enriched with calcium and proteins, which serve as a healthy recipe idea and also make your child ‘spoon it to take it in’. There is only enough room for the  ‘hand-to-mouth’ action when the  frittatas picture in.

When picky eaters peck and nibble at their food, driving you to the edge, just take a deep breath, and get fanciful beyond the conventions, with our healthy recipes for picky eaters, helping your little one to take in morsels of the ‘good-food’.

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Healthy Recipes For Picky Eaters - Get Them To Eat Too