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What Are The Benefits Of Whole Dairy Products

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Do you prefer not to have whole dairy products? But are you aware of the good effects of whole dairy products? I am sure you’re not.

Though, nonfat milk products are considered to be the best for one’s health, the whole dairy products have their own benefits too. Here are some of the benefits of whole dairy products-

Whole dairy milk is better digested- When the whole milk is converted to non-fat milk, most of the nutrients of whole milk are destroyed.  Whole milk has similar calcium levels as the non-fat milk but the fat in the whole dairy milk transports fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, E, D and K efficiently and makes them more soluble and digestible.

Prevents snacking and over eating- One glass of whole milk contains sufficient calories to make you feel full. As per the Swedish research, it was found that children who consumed whole milk regularly weighed almost 3% less than those who consumed nonfat or skimmed milk. So, if you have had enough milk with the breakfast, chances are that you would not want to snack and indulge in over eating.

Lowers diabetes risk- Palmitoleic acid is found in the human body. It's also found in small quantities in dairy foods. When found in sources outside the human body, its called trans-palmitoleic acid. Whole milk has more trans-palmitoleic acid skim milk. As per the research, the greater daily consumption of whole dairy products lowers the risk of Diabetes.

Boosts fertility- Consuming just one serving a day of full-fat dairy food, particularly milk, increases the chances of ovulatory fertility in women. Milk and the whole foods from milk such as full fat yogurt, cottage cheese and even ice-creams also help.

Good for children- Whole milk and other whole dairy products contain higher amount of fat soluble vitamins and thus are highly recommended for children below 2 yrs. of age. Higher energy is also derived from whole dairy products.

Tastes better- Whole milk and whole milk dairy products are more creamer and flavored due to the presence of milk fat, which makes them taste delicious.

Increases immunity and cell metabolism- Glycosphingolipids present in milk fath elps boost immunity and cell metabolism.

Include dairy products in your regular diet, and avail these health benefits.


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What Are The Benefits Of Whole Dairy Products