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What Are The Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea?

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Teas are famously known for its anti-oxidant qualities, and some of them, like Hibiscus Tea, also have surprising health benefits. Let’s find out What Are The Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea with this article.

Introduction: Hibiscus tea, as the name suggests, is made from flowers of the hibiscus plant. The flowers are grown in tropical and subtropical regions across the world since it requires hot and misty weather to flourish. It is named differently in different countries like Caribbean calls it red sorrels, West Americans as bissap, Jamaicans as sorrels, Latin Americans as flor de Jamaica, Arabians as karkady or karkade and Indians as gudahel. Native to Asian, African and Caribbean countries, this tea has been used as a medicinal beverage for centuries.

Study: A recent research showed that tea made from dark red and dried hibiscus petals effectively lowers high blood pressure. According to Taiwanese scientists, hibiscus tea can control cholesterol and thereby risks of heart disease. When the flower’s extract was injected in the blood serum of lab animals, the result surprised the scientists as it lowered the animals’ cholesterol content and also prevented oxidation of low-density lipoprotein successfully. The extract can also be used to treat high blood pressure as well as liver disorder.

Health Benefits of Hibiscus tea: Hibiscus tea is considered healthier and more valuable than conventional teas because it is rich in Vitamin C. Besides, it can also strengthen the immune system and fight free radicals. It also improves blood circulation, reduces stress levels, protects body against bacterial attack, reduces weight, prevents bladder infection and constipation. This natural-colored tea has a delicious taste and a pleasant fragrance. It can be served both cold or hot. Adding mint in the Hibiscus tea makes it caffeine free. North Africans have been using this beverage as a natural body refrigerant for years.

How to make Hibiscus Tea?: Dry dark red petals of hibiscus tea and use it in making tea. Boiling the petals in water give tea a tart flavor and deep red color. Add honey or dried fruit as sweetener in this beverage. Filter the tea, cool it and enjoy this iced drink in hot temperatures. Use the petals repeatedly until its red color begins to fade. The hot one also tastes good. So make it a part of your life, if you have access to hibiscus flowers.

Side Effects of Hibiscus tea: Every object in the world has advantages and disadvantages and so has the Hibiscus Tea. People with low blood pressure should strictly avoid this beverage as it famously reduces blood pressure. It sometimes also affect concentration, hence, should be avoided drinking before driving. Doctors recommend pregnant and breast-feeding ladies to avoid its consumption. People using anti-cancer drugs should avoid hibiscus tea too.

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What Are The Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea?