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How To Do Healthy Cooking With Nuwave Oven

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If you are pressed for time but want to cook and eat healthy food, then Nuwave Oven is what you need and this article will guide you on How To Do Healthy Cooking With Nuwave Oven. This oven is essentially an infrared oven that also uses conduction and convection technologies to cook food evenly and quickly.

The advantage of cooking in Nuwave Oven is that it cooks your food 50% faster and will consume 80% less electricity than the old conventional ovens. So, if you find it hard to take time out for cooking and restore to unhealthy restaurant food everyday, then Nuwave will help you change that habit. Since it cooks faster, is easy to clean and is a no fuss machine, you will love to cook healthy home made dishes in it.

You can cook just about everything that you ever cooked in your old oven in the Nuwave oven. Whether it’s cooking, baking, broiling, you can do everything with Nuwave and that too without standing in front of the hot stove endlessly. You don’t have to stand in front of it or wait for the food to cook properly. All you have to do is set the timer  and once the food is ready, an alarm will ring and bingo, deliciously healthy food will be ready for you.


Tips on Healthy Cooking with Nuwave Oven

Roast: Wash the poultry (fresh or frozen) and place it on the bottom rack. Add seasonings and read the instruction manual that comes with the machine for the suggested cooking time. Set the timer and you are good to go. Frozen food will take a little longer to cook, but will taste as good as fresh once cooked. Remember to remove the cover as soon as the bell goes off when roasting poultry. This will leave the skin crispy.

Bake: For baking, a metal or an aluminum pan can be used. Place it on the bottom rack with vegetables, potatoes, etc. Season the vegetables and set the timer. A complete healthy meal will be ready consisting of baked vegetables and potatoes.

Broil: For broiling, place the rack at a convenient position according to the food item’s thickness. Read the timing instructions and hit the start button. Once the food is broiled it rack will stop spinning. The food cooked is juicy and delicious. However, remember that the food broils on one side at a time. Turn the food upside down and set the timer again. Be careful when opening the cover since the hot steam escape can burn you. Use tongs and a hand mitt potholder when turning food over to cook on the other side.

You can cook more than one food item in the Nuwave oven if placed appropriately. Healthy cooking with Nuwave oven is simple, easy and saves a lot time. The food cooked is good, delicious and will save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on outside food. This is a great way to incorporate healthy cooking with plenty of vegetables into your meal, everyday.

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How To Do Healthy Cooking With Nuwave Oven