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What Are The Advantages Of Steel Cut Oats

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A breakfast of oats can keep you going till lunch without you wanting a snack. Whole grains are an essential part of a healthy diet; this is something everyone is aware of. But did you know that Steel Cut oats are a healthier option than the rolled oats, quick oats or instant oats that you have every morning?


Here are some of the Advantages of Steel cut oats, which you may not know.

Steel Cut Oats also called Scottish Oats or Irish Oats are groats (whole oat kernels) cut into two or three pieces. They are golden and look like cut rice.  The cooking time is considerably longer than for rolled oats but its benefits are greater than most other commercial cereals and the taste of these oats is nuttier and it gives more fiber too.

Cooking steel cut oats may be a bit trickier than rolled oats. Soak the oats in water – 1:3 ratios. Bring to boil for about 5 minutes and then take them off the stove and allow it to stand for about fifteen minutes before you boil them for another fifteen to twenty minutes or so. Another great way to cook Steel cut oats is to slow cook then in a crock pot, overnight so that they are ready for breakfast.

  • Steel cut oats is a better option than your packaged oatmeal or flavoured oats which are filled with sugar and flavors and striped of  all the good nutritive value. Steel cut oats since not rolled, have all the nutritive value intact. They are rich in vitamin B, protein, calcium and fiber and have negligible amount of salt and unsaturated fat.
  • Steel cut oats like all other whole grains, help in reducing cholesterol and control blood pressure which in turn prevents heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. Steel cut oats have powerful antioxidants as well and help to burn fat.
  • Steel cut oats can substitute rice and noodles. Just add some salt and spices to it. It is yummy and a much healthier option.
  • The oatmeal keeps well for a few days in the fridge. Cook them in a crock pot overnight and they will be ready for you to have a hassle free breakfast.

There are several ways to use steel cut oats, a healthier option to make a tasty breakfast or snack. Add spices like cinnamon, nuts like almonds or walnuts or dried fruits like apricots and raisins to your oats. You could also add fat free flavored yoghurt, fresh fruits like apples, banana, berries, pineapple and coconut or just good pure honey. Add meats and sausages to your oats in a crock pot for a nutritious supper.

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What Are The Advantages Of Steel Cut Oats