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Diet Fraud: HCG Diet

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Nutritionists and health professionals have asked the general public to steer clear of the HCG Diet. The HCG Diet Direct is a sham feels the experts as it makes use of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced during pregnancy. The diet fraud involves taking the hormone and tricking the body into providing for an embryo that is not present at all. The diet plan has come for extensive criticism and has been termed as a diet fraud which makes use of the HCG Diet.


The low calorie limit set at 500 calories per day by the HCG Diet is too low and insufficient for a healthy life. The diet fraud involving shots of HCG hormone had tried to cash in on the post Christmas anxiety prompting the health experts to take notice.


While the earlier HCG Diet had included taking hormonal injections, the diet plan now recommends a diluted homeopathic drop of the hormone which is ineffective on account of it being so watered down. That dilution has not helped in reducing the price though with the HCG drops remaining fairly expensive at $79.95 for a 15 day supply.


Jan Milne, the executive director of Dietitian New Zealand has rubbished the HCG Diet stating that it is harmful to go on a low calorie diet without medical supervision. The FDA has also stated that a HCG Diet has not been proved to be effective in restricting calories or for treating obesity.


It seems best to stick to the traditional method of restricted calorie intake and physical exercise in order to lose weight instead of succumbing to the lure of quick fix diet frauds which can prove to be detrimental to the health.


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Diet Fraud: HCG Diet