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Food Fraud: Low Fat Latte

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Low fat latte - Is it healthy or just a food fraudLow fat Latte – isn’t it tempting to choose this reduced fat version of this delectable beverage. However, a closer look at the nutritional composition of this form of latte will show you that the “low fat” label is just another food fraud and reducing just the fat does not make it any healthier. Check the food facts to know more…

Food facts:

Food Fraud: Low Fat Latte

As is evident in the chart above, though, low fat latte reduces the fat content to less than 50%, it more than makes up for this loss through excess sugar. A tall glass of latte contains a whooping 10 teaspoons of sugar. Moreover, due to the low fat label, one is easily tempted to add a dollop of whipped cream on top. Sadly, this trade off, adds another 250 kcals and another 5 teaspoons of sugar. That makes it worse than a single cheese burger!

Healthy way out: Opt for non fat, sugar free latte instead of low fat latte. Though, the latte might not taste as creamy it will not ruin your diet. Also, to keep a check on the calorie content, avoid adding any kind of toppings; be it whipped cream, syrup, or ice cream to the beverage.

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Food Fraud: Low Fat Latte