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Are There Any Beet Juice Side Effects

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Effects of beet juice

Beet juice side effects are many to count upon - some are positive and a few negative. Generally positive effects are not termed side effects but considering the beneficial nature of beet juice, we can’t overlook its positive side. We will focus on both the positive as well as negative side effects of beet juice and analyze its food value.

Positive Side Effects of Beet Juice

  • Drinking beet juice is very useful for the people suffering from high blood pressure. It temporarily lowers the blood pressure and works as a natural remedy in case of sideline hypertension. Further, the rich constituent of nitric oxide (NO) in the juice relaxes blood vessels and discourages blood clot formation which makes it a wonder drug for patients having cardiovascular ailments.
  • Beet juice has an effective cancer fighting abilities because of a compound called betacyanin. This compound improves cell respiration and also stops or retards the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Rich in folate, iron, potassium, vitamin C, manganese and other vitamins and minerals, beet juice forms a rich dietary supplement. It's also very low in calorific value which makes it one of the most sought after food amongst people who are trying to loose weight.

Negative Side Effects of Beet Juice

  • Beet juice has very minor and uncommon negative side effects which everybody doesn't encounters in daily life. One of the most common negative side effects is beeturia, a condition where urine and stools temporarily look red. It occurs due to betalin pigments and oxalic acid found in beets. But it's completely harmless and it happens only when the consumption of beet root juice is more.
  • High oxalate content of beet root juice makes it avoidable for those who have kidney or gall balder stones. Higher intake of the juice in certain case increases the chance of kidney stone as high oxalate consumption activates body to crystallize minerals.
  • Allergic reactions like fever, rashes and chills are also found infrequently in some people. But its not recurrent so one can just take precautions and consult a doctor if the problem persists.
  • Drinking lots of beet juice may temporarily paralyze vocal chords. It can lead to tightness in the throat and one may also face trouble in speaking. This is a very infrequent side effect and it can be avoided by having vegetable juice cocktail that comprises of beet root juice along with juice of other fresh vegetables like broccoli, celery and carrot to name a few.


All in all, beet juice has very odd and infrequent negative side effects. If consumed moderately, beet juice is a rich dietary supplement that can be taken on daily basis.

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Are There Any Beet Juice Side Effects