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Kids Are Not Such A Fan Of Sugary Cereals

Sugar-coated coaxing, wheedling and the morning rush hour speeding up and a bowl full of sugary cereals to indulge your child’s sweet tooth…doesn’t fare much on health but there it goes down in morsels(much to your relief), but what would spell even more relief  is that kids are not such a fan of sugary cereals after all.

It so happens, that sugar seems to be the best bait to attract infants, toddlers and basically children in the age- group of 5 – 10 years, with the belief that the taste for sweetness is inherent and there is no beating it down. Though taste is instinctive and rooted in heredity, there is a way out to discipline the sweet-tooth and breakfast time need not be coated (rather quoted?) with sugar.  As research lays down that kids are not mad about sugary cereals.

The study targeted at the age –group of 5 – 10 yr olds, found that both the sugary cereals and the non-sugary ones were consumed in equal quantity (calorie-wise) showing that sweetness was not the winning factor. The study also clearly demonstrates that healthy cereals aren’t a “no—no” for kids, and the sugary counterparts don't win hands-down.The co-author of the study, also the deputy director of Yale university , Marlene B. Schwartz endorses this fact  stating that contrary to popular parental belief, children will not refuse to eat, if the healthy options are presented breakfast in an appealing manner.

Given a choice between low-fat milk, and variety of fruits such as orange, strawberry and extra sugar, the children were able to make a pick. Additionally when given an option to choose from three different low-sugar cereals, the children did come out with their favorite option from the lot.

For those children who were put on the sugary cereals, they were found to consume twice the quantity with less of preference for fruits such as orange or strawberry. The study clearly substantiates the fact that kids are not such a fan of sugary cereals. Though taste is a crucial factor, it could be fine-tuned to make healthy choices, which is critical to set a precedent for a healthy living.

More so, with the rising incidence of obesity and other lifestyle-related disorders pertaining to unhealthy eating habits, sugary cereals have always been condemned by nutritionists.

A 2008 consumer report highlighted that the top 11 brand of cereals meant for  children were sugar-coated to the extent of a glazed donut.

The onus is now on the taste factor and marketing strategies. Most of the fast-selling sugary cereals are ‘power-packed’, with a splash of colors, portrayed by favorite cartoon characters, and when its breakfast time, such striking visuals can do a lot to boost energy levels and at the same time ‘wake-up’ the taste buds .  The same technique can be applied to the non-sugary cereals, with   parents creating a splash of colors with blue-berries, strawberries and nuts in the cereal bowl. What is visually appealing, automatically invigorates the other senses, mainly the sense of taste, to take it in.

The choice is left to the consumer as to what will be the healthy pick from a long and wide array of cereals available in the market as the notion that kids are a fan of sugary cereals no longer holds good.

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Kids Are Not Such A Fan Of Sugary Cereals