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Food Fraud: Soups

Food Fraud: Soups! A bowl of soup a day keeps you fit, or does it really? The only time I drink soups is whenever I'm on the GM Diet. Oh, yeah, that is how I lost a lot of weight. As a part of the diet, one is allowed to drink soup. As per the diet, you have to make a healthy soup at home and not use the readymade soup mixes. I was one of the smarta** people who went for the readymade soup mixes. Well, many think that some soups and soup mixes could be a food fraud. Ever since people became more health conscious and aware, the soup sales have increased. But the real question is, are they all as healthy as they claim to be?


The best is to go for clear soups. Clear soups have low carbs and they are packed with all the essential vitamins and antioxidants. It is all the more better if you make those clear soups at home. Soups made at home are any day healthier than the so called 'healthy' soup mixes available commercially or the ones sold in restaurants. Then again, I do understand that chopping 'em vegetables could be a pain in the dark place. Cut open an instant soup mix and voilà your soup is ready; I feel ya. It is easy, but do you want to continue consuming what could be a potential food fraud?


The so called healthy soups do not add enough of the healthy ingredients. How many of you have witnessed this; an instant vegetable soup mix having only specks of vegetables instead of identifiable pieces of vegetables? I can see a lot you nodding your heads in agreement as you read this. Yes, in those ready made soup mixes, there are more of flavor enhancers, thickening agents, acidifying agents, refined flour, corn starch, white sugar, coloring agents and refined sugar. Where is the damn nutrition in all this?


So, should I completely write off all the commercially available soups and soup mixes as a food fraud? No, I will not do that. Every once in a while these soups are ok. But if you are looking at including them in your daily meals, then that would be unhealthy. That would be food fraud to your own body. On the other hand, if any soup manufacturer is reading this blog; then dude, please make some better soups with some real, fuller, healthier ingredients.


Mazel tov!


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Food Fraud: Soups