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Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips

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Holiday Cooking can be stressful and sometimes, we focus more on how they taste than their nurtritional value. That being said, here are some Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips to help you:



Holiday Appetizer Cooking Tips

  • Choose an appetizer that has good nutritional value, such as a fruit platter, or a vegetable soup
  • Choose fibrous foods such as whole grains and legumes, either in form of a salad or a dish such as roasted red pepper spread on whole wheat rounds
  • Use low-fat dips such that use ingredients like low-fat sour cream or yogurt and use salsa for dressing
  • While using readymade mayonnaise, choose the low-fat version. It has about 18 calories and 2 g fat per perserving
  • Prepare homemade gravies and sauces and control the use of salt and sugar
  • While preparing white sauce, use skimmed milk instead of cream or whole milk
  • It is a wise idea to choose a healthy cooking method such a boiling and grilling; you could grill or boil turkey, meat, chicken to keep the nutrients to maximum and use of oil to minimum
  • Use nuts such as almonds and walnuts, you could also try using soy nuts for dressing-up fruit platter or just as munchies


 Healthy Holiday Tips for Main Course Dishes

  • For another healthy cooking option, steam, boil or roast ingredients such as meat and vegetables; this will keep the nutrient level high
  • Opt for vegetables like spinach, broccoli, carrots and beans as they are rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Instead of using white rice, opt for brown rice; include whole grains like whole wheat couscous  and barley
  • For marinating dishes, choose low fat options like fruit juices, wine, low-fat cream and homemade sauces
  • Freezing the dips is a good option, as after freezing you can easily remove the top fat creamy layer (hardened fat)
  • Use herbs instead of salt and sugar, to enhance the flavor of the dishes
  •  For healthy holiday cooking, use low-fat ingredients such as low-fat cheese, skimmed milk, as well as homemade sauces in macaroni
  • While making a pan gravy, skim off the fat from the drippings with a spoon
  • To dress up seafood, use herbs such as thyme, which has high antioxidant content; it also helps aid inflammation


 Healthy Holiday Desserts Tips

  • You could make some interesting and delicious, low cal, healthy desserts such as baked apples, fruit pizza, low fat frozen yogurt, banana muffins, and carrot cake
  • Use pumpkin, apples or other sweet fruits to bring about the sweetness; this will ensure that you cook sugarless desserts or use very little refinedsugar; you could also use applesauce or fruit puree
  • While decorating the cake, skip the creamy frosting, and instead opt for powdered sugar, cinnamon or cocoa


Eating healthy and low fat food during holidays will boost your energy levels and you will not have to worry about the extra weight that you might pile. Hope you try and benefit from these healthy holiday cooking tips!

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Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips