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Fantasize About Food To Lose Weight

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A recent study says we can fantasize about food to lose weight. What could be more comfortable than losing weight by fantasizing food? It sounds like a miracle to imagine ourselves with a slim waist by neither exercising hard or nor by dumping all those tasty dishes that are called junk and supposed to be high in calorie. So now do not feel low when you get those strong craving for chocolates and sweets. Go ahead and fantasize food without any guilt because this helps you to lose weight. Suppressing food craving leads to the temptation of eating that particular food, which is often the end result of any food craving.


Many studies have proved that it helps to fantasize about food to lose weight. According to researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, visualizing eating your favorite food helps one to stick to his diet and stops one from actually consuming it. This is contrary to the study that said cravings fuels the urge to eat the visualized food.


Another finding suggests, refraining from fantasizing food to curb those urges, is a wrong strategy. A psychiatrist from the University of Pennsylvania describes the power of fantasizing. Give it a superficial thought and you will surely feel that the strategy of fantasizing about food to lose weight is absurd, but given a deeper thought makes it more sensible approach for losing weight. This is very similar to a study that found people who visualized playing a violin performed better without practicing, compared to people who practiced playing violin but did not visualize themselves playing the instrument.


The psychology of eating says, visualizing actually curbs appetite for that particular food and hence when the same food that you were visualizing for a long time, seems not so appealing when you are consuming it. So you actually end up eating less when the food is in front of you.


Researchers carried out 5 different designed experiments to establish a link between fantasizing food and its affect on eating behavior. 


The first group of participants was given a repetitive task after which they were requested to visualize eating 33 quarters of M&M, the second was given 30 quarters for imagination and third group imagines only 3 quarters. After the mental exercise they were given bowl full of M&M. The group that visualized eating less consumed more M&M than the group that visualized more; visualizing curbed their appetite and they ate less.


Two more groups of people were studied in an experiment to see the nature of visualization and its effect on eating. One group was asked to visualize food and the other to visualize eating a particular food. After visualization they were given food to eat, the first group ate more than the second group. The first group visualized only food while the second group that visualized eating - was less interested in eating that food because the fantasies has already satiated them to a greater extent.


The whole study on the psychology of eating confirms that food for thoughts is actually good and fantasizing eating food can help you lose weight.


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Fantasize About Food To Lose Weight