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How Does Hcg Weight Loss Program Work

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HCG weight loss diet plan has been very effective in slimming down obese, who have almost given up the hope of losing those extra fats around their body. This sounds interesting and compels us in carrying out a research for finding out how does HCG weight loss program work.


HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, a hormone found in the urine of women when they are pregnant. This hormone has been successful in weight loss program. Though this hormone is found naturally in men, it has no role in aiding weight loss. However when the same HCG hormone obtained from the urine of pregnant women is highly effective in cutting down those extra pounds.


So, How Does HCG Weight Loss Program Work?

Before jumping to the final answer, we can discuss about the different types of fats that are found in our body and study further to find different ways of removing those unused accumulated fat from human body.


There are three kinds of fats in our body.

1. Structural fat: This fat is accumulated between human organs and provides cushioning to various body parts. Structural fat is essential for our body’s protection.


2. Normal Fat: This fat is utilized by the body when the required energy of the body is not supplied sufficiently by the food intake. This normal fat is not harmful as the body utilizes it every now and then, when it is in need of energy.


3. Abnormal Fat: It is the excess fat accumulated in body that cannot be utilized by the body and needs to be removed from body by exercising or diet plan or hormonal treatment or by surgery.


HCG weight loss diet plan aims at removing the abnormal fat from human body when it becomes difficult to shed those extra bad fats by exercising and a number of diet plans. While on a HCG weight loss diet plan, consumers are put on a strict low diet plan of just 500 calories per day. While this is abnormally low for normal functioning of brain, the body gets extra energy from the abnormal fat that is converted into energy by HCG hormone. HCG hormone helps to convert abnormal fat to energy.


HCG weight loss diet plan helps to lose between 1-3 pounds on a daily basis. This HCG weight loss diet plan also included injections, to be taken daily along with maintaining 500 calorie diet.


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How Does Hcg Weight Loss Program Work