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Food Fraud: Salad Toppings

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If you seek advice on weight loss or a nutritious healthy diet, the first suggestion that comes your way is to eat salad. While the fresh veggies are healthy and do a lot of good to the body, most Salad Toppings are unhealthy.

  • Toppings of cheese, nuts, mayonnaise, cream etc. add hundreds of extra calories to the otherwise low-cal salad
  •  All salad dressings readily available at superstores, whether the low fat ones or otherwise, contain lot of salt and in turn sodium; this high sodium dressing traps water inside the body thus causing water retention
  • Other salad dressings like croutons and Chinese noodles arethe worst form of dressings.; half a cup of croutons has around 100 calories
  • Though Iceberg Lettuce looks green and healthy, this crunchy salad dressing has almost zero nutritional value; other variety such as leaf lettuce is a better option to use
  • Fried and processed meat transforms a healthy salad into a health disaster; deep fried meats add too much extra calories to salad

 Some Tips for Salad Dressing:

  • Squeeze some fresh lemon and lime juice on your salad, or use some salsa
  • Choose low fat cheese, if you have to add cheese at all
  • Add raw, dry nuts (not salted), walnuts and flaxseed to dress up the salad
  • Use Olive oil based dressing
  • Fat-saturated mayonnaise, sour cream, cheese, tortilla strips etc. should be avoided

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Food Fraud: Salad Toppings