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Eat Ginger To Ease Muscle Pain

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gingerNow eat ginger to ease muscle pain. This is the latest finding in the list of health benefits of ginger. Since ages, ginger is a popular home remedy food used for treating cold and stomach disorders by our grandmothers, now its time to tell your grandma to eat ginger to ease muscle pain as well.


Recently researchers explored the benefits of ginger in relieving muscle pain caused by exercising and in old age. Heating ginger before eating as done in cooking enhances pain relieving capability of ginger.


A comparative study was done to find out which of the two that is ginger or ginger supplement was more effective in treating muscle pain.


Two groups of people, one with the strength of 34 and other with the strength of 40 were treated with heat treated or raw ginger and the later group with supplements or placebo for 11 days. After they were under medication for 7 days, they were made to perform exercises that could induce muscle pain.


Every individual person in both the group was examined to determine their arm function, pain, biochemical and inflammation and the same parameters were checked on the eleventh day as well.


It was found that the groups under supplements had 25 % lesser pain but the group that was on heat treated ginger, did not face enhanced pain even after exercising.


Since many people are affected with muscle pain that causes personal and economic loss, hence the importance of eating ginger to ease muscle pain is immensely recognized.


Other major benefit of ginger is its anti-inflammatory property. Eating ginger through daily food can benefit one in achieving painless conditions and prevent inflammatory diseases like cold and cough. As suggested above heat treated ginger is more effective in treating muscle pain so prepare dishes that has ginger in it, it will be highly effective in providing relief from muscle pain.


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Eat Ginger To Ease Muscle Pain