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How To Overcome 6 Food Challenges

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For foodies like me, food is a weakness against which we have no power….or so we would like to believe. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for those who want to enjoy their food and stay healthy, I came across some information on How To Overcome 6 Food Challenges that we face on a daily basis.


Food Challenge 1 - How to Stop Eating Fast Food

Catch the bull by the horn. Be it  at home or in the office, fast food is very difficult to resist. To do so, fill your tummy with healthy food that is rich in complex carbohydrates like asparagus, artichokes, buckwheat bread or cabbage before you leave home.

This will provide your body with high fiber and a higher energy level and also curb your hunger and the natural urge to get fast food. Eat less, but more often! Carry healthy snacks like banana popsicles, granola bars or veggies and dip. Ensure that your home always has a sufficient stock of healthy food so you don't need to resort to fast food!

Food Challenge 2 - How to Say No to Doughnuts

There is even a Facebook page devoted to this challenge. Track your motivations to have doughnuts and resolve to stay away from them.  Dodge the source of your temptation, like the break room at work or the doughnut shop on the way home. Avoid the vicious circle - Remember that sugar can trigger fluctuations in your blood sugar levels which in turn can lead to energy crashes and cravings.

Food Challenge 3 - How to Stop Eating Your Kids' Leftovers.

You might not want to waste food, but eating unnecessarily is simply not going to help you! You can work around this by giving your kids smaller portions of healthy food and then serve more only when they ask for it. Use leftover food to cook up a healthier meal for the next day.

Food Challenge 4 - How to Resist the Home-Baked Goods My Co-workers Bring

You can avoid baked food or other junk food your colleagues bring by getting together with them beforehand and creating a schedule of who brings what. Opt for healthy food options and allow yourself only a predetermined amount of food. Ask your friends and colleagues to join you on your healthy food regime.

Food Challenge 5 - How to Stop Eating After 9 P.M.

Figure out why you are hungry late at the night. Is it because of irregular eating habits or just because you are bored?  If it’s the former, discipline your food eating habits and if it’s the latter, distract yourself. Listen to music, take a warm bath, or get a back rub. Small frequent meals till 9 pm will help and after 9 PM stick to healthy options like fruit or air-popped popcorn.

Food Challenge 6 - How to Control My Stress-Related Binge Eating

Do you eat when you are tired, depressed or stressed? Then you suffer from stress-related binge eating. Recognise and accept that you have a stress related eating problem. Identify your emotional eating triggers and then take control of yourself and your diet. Keep a food diary and establish alternatives other than eating to deal with your stress. Drink water or tea in place of eating. Exercise, Tai chi, meditation, yoga, talking to an online support group or friend can help to tackle your stress.

With these tips you can easily overcome common food challenges for a healthier you!

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How To Overcome 6 Food Challenges