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Why Are Contaminated Kids' Glasses Still Around

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Have you ever wondered that in spite of so much health concerns, why are contaminated kids’ glasses still around?    It has been found that in spite of so many threats, there are many cases of contaminated kids’ glasses still around which are quite popular among the children. Some popular glasses include those displaying Superman, Wonder Woman and also Tin Man.         


There are several reports about seriousness associated with kids’ glasses and the level of toxic metals used in these glasses which are known to slowly rub off in the children’s hands. It is known that if kids get ingested it can raise their blood level by 11% - it has been found that in spite of all such dangers, the kids’s glasses are still around.         


Prominent and market leaders like Walt Disney, Coca-Cola, Burger King and even McDonald's underwent testing after it has been found that 12 million Shrek glasses have been recalled on grounds of not being fit for children. These glasses were found to have high levels of carcinogen and cadmium. Still, in spite of so many warnings and security threats, it has been found that these glasses are still available.


It was found that Chinese manufacturers are actually replacing cadmium with lead. There is a reason behind this – it is believed that lead is not so harmful as cadmium. These glasses are back, because companies have found out another way of fooling buyers. Tests are being carried out on cadmium and so these glasses and containers which are prepared with the use of lead are back. The tin man glasses which are now available are made of lead – this is one of the reasons why these toxic glasses are still available. In fact, it has been found that Tin Mans glasses have the highest levels of lead.


If you wish to know, why these glasses and containers are still in the markets, you need to know, that first decision needs to made on whether these glasses are children’s products or adults products. Warner Bros which is associated with the selling of such glasses suggest that the majority of the buyers are adults. They believe that these contaminated kids glasses are not meant for kids and they are suitable for adults who shall not suffer so much problems. This is one of the reasons why in spite of so many problems associated with these containers, they are still available and randomly being sold.


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Why Are Contaminated Kids' Glasses Still Around