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Top 10 Most Pointless Salad Ingredients

Top 10 Most Pointless Salad Ingredients Top 10 most pointless salad ingredients? I can give you a list longer than that but I will stop at 10. These salad ingredients are there right before our eyes, in broad daylight, and yet we have no idea about them. We think that they are very healthy but they are not. We do not know their actual nutritive values. Let this post be an eyeopener!




Just as I had suspected for a long time. It has nothing much in it. It tastes watery and does not have enough nutrients. Instantly fill up the stomach only to make you hungry within the next one hour. Add more carrots to your salad than cucumbers.


2. Processed meats:

Processed meats are high in salt. I know that salami and bacon taste darn good, but they have too much salt in it. If we are not careful, we might exceed our daily sodium intake levels. It is better to opt for fresh meat than processed meat.


3. Sugar coated nuts and candied fruit bits:

Why? Seriously, why? The whole point of having salads is to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, isn't it? When we can have the fresh nuts and the fresh fruits, why do we need the sweetened ones. The sugar coated nuts and fruits are high in sugar. We might actually be consuming more sugar than we actually realize. When these fruits are processed, they also lose out on some of their natural fiber and their vitamins.


4. Cheese:

Cheese is not bad and it is a good source of protein. But avoid the salads that come dripping in gooey cheese sauces. A lot of the cheeses are high in salt and contain artificial flavors. Of course, they are also high on fat. Eat in moderation.


5. Factory made salad dressings:

A lot of the factory made salad dressings are high in hydrogenated oils, trans fats and artificial flavoring. I know that it is easier and practically saves a lot of time. But think about the health benefits of freshly prepared salad dressings, with fresh and healthy ingredients.


6. Lettuce leaves:

What are you? A goat that chews cud? No, right! Why do you need to munch them? Lettuce leaves do not have much nutritive value. They are just empty space fillers like cucumbers. You can replace the lettuce leaves with cabbage or even spinach leaves.


7. Fried bread crumbs:

I do not know since when the bread crumbs started growing on shrubs. They are just white bread fried in 'God-knows-what' oil. They will taste good but are just empty calories. And they are also salted.


8. Pasta:

Pasta is not pointless but you have to remember that it is made from refined flour. Refined flour does have all the nutrients of the whole grain flour. Pasta is low on carbohydrates but do not stuff yourself with pasta salad.


9. Soy:

The veggie delight salads sometimes have soy products like edamame and miso. If they are factory processed, they you might want to opt out of it. The factory processed soy products are not only devoid of anti-nutrients and toxins but they also leave behind carcinogenic residues created under extreme factory conditions.


10. Crispy noodles and other crisps:

They definitely give you that nice and crunchy texture to your salads but they are not healthy. They are high in cholesterol, sodium, and practically have no vitamins and minerals.




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Top 10 Most Pointless Salad Ingredients