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6 Foods You Never Thought Could Be Healthy

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There are certain fruits and vegetables which you always thought to be high in calories and poor on nutritional values. You will be surprised to know about 6 foods you never thought could be healthy, as these are often thought to be high in calories. Here are 6 surprisingly healthy foods about which you will love to know.


Potatoes – In a medium baked potato, you get at least 4 gm of fiber along with your daily potassium requirement. Potassium as well as kukoamines help in controlling your blood pressure levels. If you have chilled baked potatoes, you get a rich dose of starch which is not only low calorie but extremely satisfying too.


Iceberg lettuce – If you have one cup of iceberg lettuce, you will get enough of vitamin K which your body needs on a daily basis. It is also a great way to have vitamin A, that helps in keeping sharp vision.


Celery – This crunchy and very pale vegetable can help you by adding minerals and disease fighting vitamins in your diet. Celery is a very rich of pthalides and a few rare compounds that help to keep your blood pressure level low. It is also a good source of apigenin that helps to keep your liver protected against cancer. This can be a very crunchy and low calorie snack.


Corn – This serves as a whole grain as well as vegetable in your daily diet. Your heart gets its daily dose of folate needs, vitamin B helps to keep homocysteine levels at check and lutein present in your eyes helps to fight against macular degeneration of your eyes, if you have corn based foods everyday. Corn is also a very good source of your daily fiber needs.


Watermelon – This is one fruit which can help you to lose weight as it contains amino acid arginine which promotes weight loss. When such amino acids are added to diet, it enhances the oxidation process of glucose and fat which helps to increase lean muscles of the body that helps in burning of more calories than fats in the body.


Buttermilk – There are many people who feel that buttermilk is as rich as cream for the existence of the word butter. However, it is not true. Buttermilk is at least 98% fat less. Buttermilk is rich is beneficial bacteria which helps to convert milk protein lactose into a very natural preservative which is lactic acid. Buttermilk is normally used in several recipes which help to reduce fats and calories from food. It can be used in waffles, pancakes and cakes which helps them to rise easily. Not only this, it helps to add a very tangy flavor to various salad dressings as well as smoothies.


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6 Foods You Never Thought Could Be Healthy