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10 Organic Foods Shunned By Experts

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Before blindly assuming that organic foods are the healthiest food choices, one needs to know first, if the so called organic food is actually organic or is it a mix of different products and is it really all that healthy. Here is a list of 10 organic foods shunned by experts.


Experts don’t buy these organic foods, so be careful when you are buying organic foods. Know why these foods are disliked by experts!!


Organic wild seafood – Be away from seafood which are labeled as organic because seafood can never be organic. This is because diet of sea creatures cannot be controlled –hence seafood cannot be organic.


Smelly vegetables which are pest free – If they are smelly yet pest free, then there are high chances of the food having been exposed to high doses of pesticides. Such vegetables are dangerous due to the presence of pesticides, which can be harmful for human health. 


Non organic grains and rice mixes- Organic rice mixes make use of vegetables which include eggplant, sweet corn and sweet onions. If you are not buying dairy or meat products, it is not necessary that these organic grains and rice mixes are completely organic.


Organic herbs in packs – If you are being sold organic herbs in packs, you need to think twice. Pesticides are often added for better and quick growth. Hence, do not be duped by the organic label on these packs.


Organic fruits, vegetables which have thick skin – These include squash, watermelons, bananas and cantaloupe. These usually have chemicals which can be got rid of when they are soaked in water.


Organic moisturizers – The highly promoted moisturizers usually do not have contain natural ingredients. Cold creams are supposed to have beeswax, olive oil and rose petals – hence, it is better to buy cold cream than organic moisturizers.


Mascara brands – You can easily buy your drugstore mascara brand, than choosing organic brands. Drugstore mascaras are always better than the much promoted organic brands which are supposedly thought to be very good for eyes.


Organic cosmetics – Natural and organic cosmetics as claimed by the manufacturers are not purely organic and can cause you much harm. They are a mix of some substances which helps them to tone your skin and also keep the cosmetics in good condition for long. It is important to read cosmetic labels before you use such organic cosmetics.


Parabens in foods– These are used in making of several organic lotions and cleansers as well as in certain food products. If you find any cleanser or cosmetic in which parabens are used, you can be assured that these are not organic, since parabens are in no way organic.


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10 Organic Foods Shunned By Experts