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Oranges, Dark Green Vegetables Ensure Longevity

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A recent health related study has reiterated the fact that oranges, dark green vegetables ensure longevity. While the benefits of consuming green leafy vegetables as well as fresh fruits have always been known to us, the idea that we might get to live longer with oranges, dark green veggies sound almost too good to be true.



Scientists have now identified bright orange vegetables like the carrot along with the dark green ones like the runner beans as holding the key to our longevity.  However, there is a slight difference this time. It is not the much extolled beta-carotene that comes under the spotlight. Rather, it is a close family member belonging to the carotenoid-antioxidant group, the alpha-carotene. The researchers involved in the study reports that we may just be able to live longer with oranges, dark green veggies simply because they negate the damaging effects of oxygen on our DNA.


Reuters Health reports the words of Dr. Chaoyang Li associated with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta. He stated that the actual elements which contribute to enhancing our health has not been discerned as yet although it is common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are beneficial for our health and helps to keep dreaded diseases like cancer and cardiac ailments at bay.


Dr. Li and his associates were able to look at the alpha-carotene levels of almost 15,000 people who submitted their lifestyle information and gave blood samples in order to help conduct the study. The medicos found that the patients with higher alpha-carotene levels had a reduced risk of developing serious diseases, hence death. The alpha-carotene present in oranges, dark green vegetables ensure longevity, found the professionals that too by a whopping 39%.


However, Li and his compatriots are still a little reluctant to heap the entire credit on alpha-carotene. Li cautions that the other elements present in the vegetables and fruits may contribute as well although the idea behind the slogan live longer with oranges, dark green veggies maybe partially true.


Alpha-carotene and Beta-carotene are very similar and tend to be found together says Howard Sasso who conducted reviews for Reuter Health. He also stressed on the fact that both of them have a similar chemical structure with a lot of identical properties as well.


Sasso along with the other researchers concluded that there was no harm in trying to live longer with oranges, dark green veggies as there was little or no downside to the theory.


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Oranges, Dark Green Vegetables Ensure Longevity