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Pesticide Alert On Fruits & Vegetables

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dirty dozen fruits and veg

The Environmental Working Group, a non profit organization working on health related issues in the USA has put out a pesticide alert on fruits & vegetables lately. The hazards of eating food products tainted with chemical fertilizers as well as harmful pesticides may well spell doom for our general well being says the organization. Eating a stick of celery obtained from non organic sources might well result in 67 different types of pesticides entering our body as most fruits and vegetables contain dirt say the Environment Protection Agency better known as the EPA.   




The group conducted a survey taking into account almost 100,000 different food produces in order to assess the amount of chemical residues that go into our body as well as gauge the highest and lowest amounts of residues present in different produces. The entire scouring was based on the various reports by the US department of agriculture as well as the FDA.


Dirty Dozen: The results were definitely alarming with the fruits and vegetables showing astounding 47-67 pesticides per serving. This contaminated produce has been called ‘The Dirty Dozen’ rather amusingly but the issue in hand is certainly nothing to laugh at. This particular category is believed to be more vulnerable to the chemical residues on account of its soft skin. The results revealed a worrisome aspect as the numbers were found to remain within the food products even after they had been washed with the aid of high pressure water system of the USDA.


Amy Rosenthal of the Environmental Working Group reiterates the benefit of organic food products over the chemically grown ones. About 80% of the harmful pesticides can be avoided by simply switching over to a healthy alternative she emphasizes. Dirty Dozen encompasses 12 different varieties of fruits and vegetables which include salad greens, potatoes as well as healthy fruits like apples and blueberries. Imported grapes are also among the dirty dozen and can be full of the pesticides which rather negate their beneficial effect on one’s health.


Clean 15: However, a total of 15 non organic fruits as well as vegetables seem to be relatively unaffected by the chemicals and have been dubbed the ‘Clean 15’. Asparagus, Kiwi Fruit, cabbage and carrots are some of the cleaner non organic produces. 


The EPC urges us to take action today and not wait for the distant future. The experts tell us that fruits and vegetables contain dirt and must be washed thoroughly before consuming it.  The Pesticide Alert On Fruits & Vegetables  is definitely a wake up call and makes it crucial for us to take action.


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Pesticide Alert On Fruits & Vegetables