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Kitchen-Based Weight Loss Tips For Guys

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Kitchen-based weight loss tips for guys?? For a moment men may think whether they are hearing right it or not? Yeah, you are hearing it right because gyming is not the only way to lose weight; right diet can also aid you in fast speedy and easy weight loss. Men can enjoy healthy eating tips from guy-focused section of "That's Fit". Susan Burke March, author of "Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin naturally," says that, "With just a little preparation and forethought and using just a few simple strategies, you can enjoy favorite recipes with less fat, sugar and calories without sacrificing flavor." Here are few tricks offered by March, which will aid you in perfecting your cooking skills and bringing significant changes to your diet.



  • Set your plans to succeed: March says that in order to succeed you should plan your meals in advance. So, before stepping out for shopping, plan the things, which you want to buy. This pre-planning helps you to avoid impulse purchases and prepares you in advance to undertake the cooking tasks.


  • Choose simple: March says that its natural to get attracted to the complicated recipes, but always try to keep the recipes simple with fewer ingredients and even fewer methods of preparation. She recommends that you should go for simple baking, grilling or broiling methods. Also, she recommends you to use lots of greens and starches.


  • Go Lean: March is of the opinion that you should choose the leanest cuts of meat, by rejecting the fats before you start with the cooking. She says instead of rooting for fatty burgers you can go for ground turkey burger or you can replace atleast one-third of ground beef with turkey breast. She recommends that you should go for ground turkey breast because it's other variety is rich in fat and calories.


  • Root for Non-Stick:  March says that men should root for nonstick pans because it helps to avoid oils, which hinders the purpose of healthy eating. In place of oil you can go for fruit juice, water, wine or cooking spray.


  • Mission-Critical Method.  March recommends that you should always bake, poach, broil, and grill your proteins. If you choose basting, then skip the margarine, or butter, instead go for healthier choices such as orange juice and white wine.


  • Avoid crumbs: March recommends you to avoid commercial breadcrumbs, which are rich in oils and Tran's fats and go for healthy, low-sugar breakfast cereals such as wheat flakes or grape nuts.


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Kitchen-Based Weight Loss Tips For Guys