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Drinking Wine Daily Ensures Healthy Oldage For Women

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old women age better with wine

“Drinking Wine Daily Ensures Healthy Oldage For Women”! is the latest mantra for a healthy old-age. The above revelation has been disclosed by a team of US scientists who have recently discovered that drinking alcohol for an entire life is advantageous. One of the most noteworthy benefits being, a healthier survival through the old-age. Although, limited consumption of red wine was always suggested by the health care practitioners for a healthy heart, but the news of “women age better with wine”, is absolutely surprising. Richard A. Baxter, a plastic surgeon based in Seattle, also agrees. His book, 'Age Gets Better with Wine' also endorses this view totally. Women... are you listening! 


The Research Study 

The credit of this mind-boggling research goes to Qi Sun, a medical instructor with Harvard. He conducted the experiment with over 14,000 women who survived up to the age of 70. He carried-out a detailed study to actually find out the factor that contributed towards their healthy and successful living so far.



  • Women habitual of drinking wine at least until the age of 58 lived a healthier life without any life-threatening diseases like cancer, strokes, memory loss or physical impairments in comparison to their non-drinking counterparts.

  • Women  drinking two glasses of wine in a day lead a healthier life in comparison to women having only one glass a day. The instructor especially emphasized on the result that drinking wine saved a lot of women from fatal heart attacks & strokes, when compared to teetotalers.

  • Regular drinkers also have  80% less risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

  • Actinic keratoses or skin lesions are practically unknown to women who are used to drinking wine too.


The Explanation

The theory which explains Sun’s observation is that a limited quantity of alcohol in the body stimulates metabolism of glucose. This stimulant, when taken in a healthy amount, further prevents the formation of blood clots. This naturally leads to a healthier and disease-free survival through old age.


Baxter explains how a higher concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols & resveratrol have an anti-ageing effect on the body that goes on to keep the system free of disease and leaves the skin relatively unwrinkled and glowing with health.


So, here’s a drink to our health… cheers!


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Drinking Wine Daily Ensures Healthy Oldage For Women