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Does Olive Oil Speed Up Metabolism?

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Does Olive Oil Speed Up Metabolism? That’s the recent question that is being asked all around. The numerous benefits of olive oil are quite well known to us. However, whether olive oil really increases our metabolic rate or not, and if so, then how exactly, is still to be debated and discussed.

Olive oil is made up to 30 percent of phenolic compounds, the fatty acids that contain strong antioxidant properties. This is undoubtedly good for our body in a numerous ways. But, more than that, it is interesting to note how olive oil and metabolic rate are related to each other. According to the McGill report, olive oil is processed by our liver. Unlike animal fats or vegetable oils, it is not absorbed by our regular body tissues. At the same time, when olive oil is blended with other oils like canola, flax and other tropical oils, it increases our body’s capability to metabolize fats faster, which in turn, helps in burning off the excess fat and lose weight.

According to another theory, the kind of fatty acids present in olive oil helps it to increase our metabolic rate. Olive oil is primarily made up of medium chain fatty acids (MCTs) help increasing our metabolic rate. On the other hand, vegetable oils are made up of long chain triglycerides (LCTs), which are metabolized at a far slower rate than MCTs and are stored more as fats in our body. Thus, the MCTs present in olive oil help it increase our metabolism.

Some, however, believe that olive oil does not actually speed up the metabolic rate of our body, but actually helps it by slowing down the digestive process. This in turn makes the person feel full for a much longer time and reduces his or her craving to eat more. Some also prefer adding some pepper to the olive oil before consuming it. This does not just add flavor to your olive oil, it also doubles the oil’s power to increase metabolism.  

Thus, olive oil and metabolic rate of our body are inter-related. The antioxidant properties of olive oil, the positive effect that the oil has on human hearts, the subtle yet sublime flavor that the oil imparts to all the dishes – and now, the immensely positive effects that it is believed to have on our metabolic rates – these and many more positive qualities of olive oil have undoubtedly made it the most popular and preferred oil of the world.

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Does Olive Oil Speed Up Metabolism?