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Obesity Linked To Smell - Nose Does It

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Today obesity has become an epidemic and everyone is struggling to lose weight yet cannot stop eating. Well, researchers finding is, obesity linked to smell - nose does it. Yes, it’s a fact; findings of researches reveal it is the smell which makes us obese, read more in detail.


Obesity is the result of too much food with little or no exercise. But why we eat too much?


A researcher suspects it is the ability to smell food. Smelling is a natural way of detecting food when we are hungry and rejecting it when we are full.  This way brain helps to maintain energy level required by our body.


A study was done on 64 people to find out their ability of smelling, the group constituted of both obese, over weight and slim people. The study revealed the following observations for researchers.


Obese or over weight people have an accentuated smelling ability. They are able to smell food even after having full meal. The slimmer categories of people were found with lower smelling ability.


It is the smell of the food that compels one to keep eating and it is difficult for a person to stop when the brain commands and demands for more food.


People with strong smelling ability tend to eat more and are therefore prone to obesity than the slimmer ones.


According to researchers, the finding that it is the smell which makes us obese has stimulated them to do more research and studies to find out the root cause of obesity. It will be a major breakthrough in treating obesity as claimed by scientists.


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Obesity Linked To Smell - Nose Does It