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Uses Of Sauerkraut Juice

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Are you suffering because of a weak immune system, or mild vision problems or even high blood pressure? Then surprisingly your hope lies in a God given ambrosia (though it might not taste like it), the “sauerkraut juice”. The uses of sauerkraut juice have been revealed and are slowly being heard all around the world. The sauerkraut juice has some incredibly unbelievable benefits and I would like to list just a few of them here. But before I do that, I would like to explain what sauerkraut juice is.


What is sauerkraut juice?


Sauerkraut”, yes, you guessed that right…is a German word which means “sour cabbage”. The Sauerkraut is basically pickled cabbage, where the cabbage is shredded, salted and then allowed to ferment to achieve its distinct sour flavor. It was most probably brought to Americaby the Dutch immigrants who believed that the Sauerkraut and the Sauerkraut juice had medical uses and could cure various diseases. The Sauerkraut juice also known as Sauerkrautsaft in German or Rasol in Serbian is a healthy beverage that consists of the liquid in which the Sauerkraut is fermented. It basically has the brine and the juices of the pickled vegetable, in this case the cabbage.


The Uses of Sauerkraut Juice


  1. Canker Sore Remedy – If you suffer from Canker sores, then the best remedy is to swish a tablespoon of sauerkraut juice in your mouth twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. The juice will not only cure the canker sore but also provide quick pain relief.
  2. Cancer fighter –The Sauerkraut juice has a large amount of cancer fighting agents and is believed to slow cancer growth. A recent study by the University of New Mexico points out that the Sauerkraut juice helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer. It was found that Sauerkraut juice is also supposed to reduce the risk of other forms of cancer including lung, colon, prostate, and liver.
  3. Immune booster- The Sauerkraut produces plenty ofphytochemicals and probiotics during the fermentation process. The phytochemicals help toboost the immune system and this fights diseases and reduces your health problems. The probiotics which is agood bacteria, acts the same way as the phytochemicals. This is one of the reasons why the Sauerkraut juice is considered aflu fighter.  I guess, it is time to change the proverb to “A glass of sauerkraut juice a day can keep the doctor away”
  4. Digestive Aid – TheSauerkraut Juice has a very soothing effect on your stomach. The juice which is rich in lactic acid bacteria helps to break down the food and thus increases the availability of nutrients. Also, the bacteria in the sauerkraut juice help to maintain a healthy flora in the intestinal tract and to create an environment in which the same flora will flourish. The bacteria are also help to fight harmful bacteria like E-coli in the intestine. The Sauerkraut juice is a good laxative and it also stimulates digestive activity.
  5. Vitamin and mineral Supplement - Sauerkraut juice contains a number of vitamins and minerals. Loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A, E, K and many of the B vitamins, the sauerkraut juice promises to strengthen your immune system. Sauerkraut is the right solution for people who are not tolerant to foods with citric acid but still need their share of Vitamin C. Potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium are few of the minerals that the sauerkraut juice can provide your body with.


Here is a simple sauerkraut juice recipe for you to try at home.




Though we don’t know who invented the sauerkraut, we know that the Chinese have been pickling cabbage since 200 B.C and even Genghis Khan is supposed to have carried it with him on his travels. Hmm…maybe it is not such a bad idea trying out a tyrant's and conqueror's favorite pickle huh? By the way, even the Romans would carry sauerkraut with them to prevent and cure intestinal infections.


The Sauerkraut juice can be either consumed alone as a beverage in itself or if you are not too fond of the sour taste then you can mix it with other different beverages. Go ahead and experiment, after all the medicinal uses of Sauerkraut juice is worth your time.


In case you are trying to get your hands on some Sauerkraut juice in US, then it will definitely be available in Northeast and Midwest US like central and western Pennsylvania.  The Sauerkraut juice is also available in most central and eastern European countries like Germany and Serbia.


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Uses Of Sauerkraut Juice