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Top 5 Deadly Foods Of The World

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In a quest for ultimate culinary experience we tend to eat weird foods and go beyond a limit to defy nature by eating what is not actually meant for. It is best to know the top 5 deadly foods of the world, after all no one can get away by defying nature. Now it is for you to decide whether these top 5 deadliest foods to have or not to have.




Fugu is blowfish in Japanese, is a highly expensive delicacy food of Japan. Fugu is usually eaten raw in sushi; this prized fish can be very deadly, if it is not prepared properly. This delicacy of Japan can be cooked only by licensed chefs in Japan and USA. The skin, ovaries and liver of fugu fish contains huge amounts of tetrodotoxin, which can kill upto 100 people. Chefs are trained for 3 years in cooking fugu and only 20 percent of the chefs qualify as fugu chefs. Since fugu is a deadly food, it is always served after the chef tastes the dish himself. 





Mushrooms belong to the family of fungus. Some mushroom types are edible and cultivated for commercial purpose and the rest are deadly. They are full of toxins, just one mushroom is enough to kill a person. The toxins contained in mushrooms cannot be removed by any means so its always deadly to eat them.







Raw Baby Octopus or Sannakji

Baby octopus is eaten raw, cut into pieces and seasoned with little sesame oil. It is non toxic but the octopus’s suction cups are still alive when the dish is served and it may choke the eater. Hence to survive this deadly food one has to chew it as fast as possible to kill the octopus or it will kill you. This raw baby octopus food is called Sannakji and is eaten at your own risk.



Giant Bullfrog

Giant bullfrog’s legs are delicacy in few parts of Europe. Only the legs are edible, while the rest of the body is deadly to eat. In Africa giant bullfrogs are eaten whole, they are cooked in different ways to neutralize the poison however a single mistake in cooking this frog and the dish becomes deadly.






Ackee is Jamaica’s national fruit. It is known for its most uncanny ripening process. It’s a pear shaped fruit which is green when raw and red when ripe. It has 3 large shiny black colored seeds that are visible when the fruit opens up while ripe. It is deadly in its raw state. The only edible part of the fruit is its spongy white pulp when it is ripe. Rest of fruit is highly toxic that can cause severe vomiting and seizure leading to death. The fruit is so toxic that USA has banned importing Ackee even when it’s ripe and fresh. 


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Top 5 Deadly Foods Of The World