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Uses Of Milled Flaxseeds – Bring Good Health Home

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If you have been eating whole flax seeds, then it might be useful to know about this little milled version of the flax seeds which aids in better absorption of Omega 3 oils and nutrients in the body than whole flax seeds. Read on to know more about the milled flax seed and uses of milled flax seeds.





Using milled flax seeds in place of whole flax seeds may be a wise decision as milled flax seeds break down the Omega -3 oils in the body which helps in better absorption of the oils and the nutrients. Milled flax seeds also provide the body with fibre and lignans. 



Milled flax seeds combine together the benefits of flax seed oil, lignans, fibres and high quality of protein in a single package resulting in a healthy and wholesome product.


Using milled flax seeds


Freshly milled flax seeds have a slightly nutty flavour and can be enjoyed sprinkled over cereals, salads, yoghurt, fruits juices, as a topping on desserts, in protein drinks or sprinkled over toasts.



Milled flax seeds are very useful in improving the immune system.  The alpha linolenic acid and lignans present in the milled flax seeds help in reducing the inflammation and improving the immunity of the system. It also helps in regulating and normalizing the hormonal changes in women. Using milled flax seeds regularly, helps in reducing weight and stabilizing the sugar level in the body. Regular consumption of flax seeds is also very beneficial in reducing clots in the blood, and the omega-3 oils help in preventing the body against the occurrence of colon cancer.



Using milled flax seeds ensures better functioning of the body and also helps in protecting the body against several ailments.



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Uses Of Milled Flaxseeds – Bring Good Health Home