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How To Hide Medicines In Your Kids' Food

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Kids have an aversion to medicines and cleverly concoct ways to avoid their medicine dosage. Learn these simple and interesting ideas on how to hide medicines in your kids’ food and ensure that your naughty kid never misses his dosage and gobbles up his medicines without realising it.                                                                     


Hiding medicines in your kids' food


To administer medicines to your kids, use some of the proven methods discussed below.


Chocolate Syrup:  Take liquid chocolate syrup in a spoon and add crushed or powdered pills in the syrup and make your child eat the syrup. The sweet taste of the chocolate helps in covering up the bitter taste of the medicine and chances are that your kid would never know anything amiss in the chocolate syrup.



Honey: Use crushed pills or liquid medicines and serve with honey. As honey is sweet in taste, it would overshadow the bitterness of any bitter tasting medicines and your kid would never notice the bitter taste of the medicine, if any.




Juices: Make your kid drink his favorite juice. Add the liquid medicine syrup or add crushed pills to your child’s favourite juices. If you have a little toddler who prefers drinking out of his juice box then take out some juice, add the medicine and use a syringe or a spoon to pour back the juice in the juice box.





Ice creams, apple sauces: Add the liquid or crushed form of the medicine to your child’s favorite food and give medicine to your child without any fuss. Hiding medicines in your kids’ food would help the kids in getting their required dosage and most of the times the kid wouldn’t even notice any medicines in his favourite food.                                             




The few ideas discussed above on how to hide medicines in your kids’ food may help you in giving your child his medicines without him even being aware of it. What is even better is tha,t the kid would enjoy these little treats that you offer him.


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How To Hide Medicines In Your Kids' Food