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List Of Starchy Foods To Avoid

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Our daily diet is quite often based on starchy foods. While starch is an important ingredient of our diet, there are times when you need to avoid it, for example, if you are diabetic or on a diet plan. It is then that a list of starchy foods to avoid becomes quite handy. So, if avoiding starchy foods is what you are planning to do, then here’s a list of the three main types of food that you need to avoid:

White Pasta:

White pasta is composed of simple carbohydrates, which means that they do not contain fibers and hence, are easily digestible. Eating white pasta means taking in high amounts of calories. But more than that, because it gets digested rapidly, you are left to feel hungry after a short while and therefore land up eating more. Thus, whether for weight loss purposes or for improving your nutritional intake, make sure to include this food in your list of starchy foods to avoid. Instead, go for whole grain pasta which will be slowly digested, thereby preventing possible weight gain.

White Bread:

White bread is another kind of starch that should be avoided, especially if you are planning for weight loss. Along with simple carbohydrates, white breads also contain high amounts of fat and calories. Consuming this kind of starch would increase the risks of not just obesity but also other diseases, like cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer. Hence, this is one item in the list of starchy foods to avoid at all costs. Try eating brown breads instead.


The third category of starchy food that needs to be avoided is potatoes. Like the other starchy foods, potatoes, being high in simple carbohydrates lead to weight gain in a similar way. Potatoes also have higher glycemic index, which make them raise the blood sugar level much quicker than other vegetables. Other vegetables like sweet potatoes and yam also fall in the same category. Hence, instead of potatoes, go for the green vegetables which contain more nutrients and more fiber in them.

Other foods that contain starch are rice, wheat, wheat flour, soy flour, rye flour, etc. While it is not possible to exclude all starchy foods from your diet, you can definitely avoid wheat based foods like pizza, pasta, rice, cookies, biscuits, white bread, and so on. Also, avoid foods that contain refined starch at all costs. By avoiding starchy foods, you do not allow your body to store any fat. This in turn increases your body metabolism and lets your body burn food for energy. Avoiding starchy foods also give you more energy and make you crave less for mid-meal snacks. Thus, keep this list of starchy foods to avoid in mind and lead a healthier life.

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List Of Starchy Foods To Avoid